When Is It The Right Time To Switch Hosts

Switching hosts can be, and very often is, a difficult decision. People just aren’t sure whether or not they should do it, even though they may be frustrated and not very satisfied. But, we can help you with. How do you know when it’s the right time to switch hosts?

You’ve been experiencing quite frequent and unpleasant downtimes on your hosting. When this is happening to you, it may be a good time to think about switching hosts. Downtimes can really cost you. They can be bad for your SEO, your traffic, and many other things. So, if you are experiencing downtimes very often, switching hosts may be the best choice for you.

If it happens that you commonly see the error establishing database connection on your website, it’s not a good sign, and you should think about changing your host. It often means that you have a bad plugin, or that you have been outgrowing your host, so maybe you should think about changing it.

If you have been seeing a lot of internal server errors, it’s another bad sign that may leave you very frustrated, and probably considering switching hosts. Of course, an error here and there is no problem, but if they have been popping up a lot recently, maybe the time is right to switch. Internal server errors are very frustrating because you can’t really see the reason why they happen, you can only guess one, and that guess is usually an issue with the hosting.

If your website gets suddenly suspended for no apparent reason, and without notification, you probably need to have a word with your host. Hosting providers usually have the right to suspend your website, especially in cases where something illegal is happening on your website. And if something illegal is happening on your website, you shouldn’t be surprised that your website is suspended. But, if there is no apparent reason for the suspension, and if you didn’t get a notification, that means that your host doesn’t really care about you and your website, which may be a good sign for switching to a better host.

Website speed matters a lot, and it has a huge impact on a lot of things. So, obviously, your website needs to be as fast as it can get. A slow website, however, can be such for multiple reasons, and one of those reasons can be a bad host. If you’ve done everything to speed your website, and it’s still slow, the one to blame is probably your host. And since you will be losing greatly if your website is even a fraction slower than it should be, well, you get the idea.

Each of these 5 signs is a good enough reason to switch hosting. If more than one has been happening to you, then your decision should be pretty obvious. Switching hosts is a difficult choice, but it is the right one if you have been seeing a lot of these issues. In the end, you are doing it for yourself.


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