Which tools can help your influencer marketing campaign?

Personal recommendations have outgrown the realm of one-on-one conversations and skyrocketed straight to stardom with the help of social media. Think football stars wearing a single brand repeatedly in their Instagram posts, beauty bloggers testing a new line of lipsticks and sharing their feedback all over the world wide web, and similar posts that keep on popping up.

We as consumers have a well of online reviews at our disposal within a matter of seconds, and we put our trust in our like-minded friends, family and online personas, but also those we admire. To be more precise, 92% of our buying decisions are based on a recommendation from someone close, and this extends to the world of social media sharing.

As a result, marketers have started refining their approach in order to utilize influencers’ natural impact on the consumer’s perception and to bridge the gap by reaching an extraordinarily large pool of potential customers.

This is where tailoring the perfect influencer campaign becomes essential, as they will be the voice of your brand, and the personification of its promise. However, as straightforward as it may seem, if not handled properly, your endeavor can be futile – and fine-tuning your efforts with the right tools and methods can make or break a campaign.

Which Tools Can Help Your Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Identify relevant influencers
Numbers are known to be a marketers’ best friends, but also their foes, as it often happens that a massive following (or the lack thereof) can indicate very different results for your campaign. Marketers are therefore eager to base their choices on a large number of followers, and while that is one part of the picture that matters in terms of brand awareness, that doesn’t necessarily coincide with your need to increase brand engagement.

For instance, the Tumblr-based blogosphere is over 350 million-strong, and still growing, while small businesses have reported a 126%-increase in lead generation as a result of blogging. Now that’s a piece of a multi-million dollar pie no wise marketer wants to miss out on. But from such a vast ocean of bloggers and their swelling readership, how can you invest your time and funds to build relationships with those who will actually produce a ROI?

First of all, filtering through a slew of online opportunities to find the ones that match your brand and your audience can be a time-consuming hassle if done manually. Not to mention that by perusing hits through Google can often significantly limit your search and give you garbage results. This is where Dibz steals the spotlight as the go-to tool for marketers who want trust-worthy results.

Designed to uncover prospects among the highest-rated influencers that match your search parameters, Dibz also saves you the fuss by eliminating spam results through its unique algorithm. So, it’s not only a time-saver, but an in-depth discovery tool that helps you make the right connections from the very beginning of your campaign.

Once you have a list of names and their contact information at your disposal, you can take your pick as to the right online influencer pool for your brand. Target the influencers that have the best of both worlds: a strong following, and an equally strong engagement rate, as that is the only way you can increase brand visibility, boost your reputation and the chances of better conversion rates will soar.


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