Why Do We Need Backup Programs?

Backup Software is a computer program that performs the function of backing up your data. It regularly creates copies of the files stored on your computer. In fact they make exact copies of the entire computers. Later on these supplementary copies can be sued to restore the original ones if you ever suffer from data loss. There are lots of users who don’t use backup software. But they realize its importance when they suffer from loss of data and then have to spend money and time to recover it. Sometimes their data are lost permanently. Nowadays hard files don’t have much importance. Everything is going digital fast. Even important documents are stored in computer systems. And we know that our computer systems are vulnerable to damage. If you drop your hard disk from a certain height, it is highly likely that it will be damaged. If your computer is switched on, usual tap can result in damage of your hard disk and loss of the data.

Causes Behind Loss of Data On Your Systems

You can lose your data due to different reasons.

  • A virus attack can be the cause of data loss.
  • A momentary loss of power also can cause data loss.
  • Even a small computer glitch can damage your data storage.

After all these incidents, the computer fails to start normally. When it does, you get to know that your files are missing or you cannot open them. Your folders are empty or are displaying error when you try to open them. What is its solution? You will have to install an operating system and all programs. All your passwords and settings have gone missing. You will have to recall everything. And imagine if the same computer is the system that you use in your office or some online jobs. It can be a disaster.

About R-Drive Image:

R-Tools Technology, Inc has introduced R-Drive Image for your data backup needs. Let’s look at the features of R-Drive Image:

  • It has a simple wizard task-oriented user interface. You can create disk image of a notebook. A complex task such as data backup of a server can also be done from wizards. That’s why it is quite simple and easy to use.
  • It supports multiple storage systems that include CD or DVDs, local hard drives, external USB hard drives, network drives, flash memory cards.

What Corporate Users Can Get?

R-Drive image is very simple as well as affordable to backup any disk. It can fulfill all your corporate needs. It has emergency system recovery for portable computers. For corporate computers it has a mass system deployment. It restores tasks for corporate servers. It has complex scheduled data backup.

Its license allows users to run the software on a server as well as for a workstation without any change in the price. That’s why this is the best data backup program. No other backup software company gives its users this kind of freedom.

Data that is on RAIDs can also be backed up as well as restored.

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