June 7, 2024


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10 Things That Can Make You Sleep Better


We spend 40% of our time at work and 30% sleeping. This is 6-9 hours every day. We spend a significant part of our lives sleeping and the rest of it we dream about getting enough sleep. Good sleep is the foundation of everything. Sleep quality affects daily well-being, health, and productivity during the day. Good sleep is the key to any business. Improve your quality of life with improvement in your sleep schedule.

Find the main cause of your insomnia

There are many reasons for insomnia.

If you are worried about the pain that is getting worse at night, then no somnologists and advice on normalising sleep will help you, first, you need to see a doctor who will help relieve pain attacks. In the case when you don’t sleep well because of your small child, then teach him to sleep in a separate bed, it is difficult but possible. If before going to bed you are overcome by dark thoughts and anxieties, and this has been happening for quite a long time, it is worth contacting a psychologist.


And if there are no obvious reasons for insomnia you should try some of these tips.

The temperature

The stuffy room does not promote good sleep. Before going to bed, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner – it should be a little lower than usual. You can air the room half an hour before bedtime or If it’s not too cold outside leave the window open for the night.


The fact that a walk in the fresh air or a 30-minute jog promotes good sleep is a long-known fact. But psychologists have deduced another slightly unusual way: sentimental films or reading matter that cause tears and pity lull a person easily. Therefore, when nothing helps, and you start to feel hopeless, put on your favourite romantic melodrama, and you won’t even see the final.


An hour before bedtime, turn off the computer and the general light in the room – thereby the eyes and thoughts rest and adjust to the “quiet hour”. If the day is intense, take a bath (it is important to consider the water temperature: it should not be too warm) add some essential oil, for example, lavender and read your favorite book or magazine.


Pick up a weighted blanket

Studies by Swedish scientists have shown that sleeping under a weighted blanket is very beneficial, which is about 10% of your weight. The calming blanket will help you to relieve anxiety, relax and fall asleep in no time.

«Sleepy» ingredients

There are products that increase complete relaxation and good sleep. For example, chamomile tea will calm you in seconds. The same effect on your body will have green tea or black (not too strong tho) with the addition of mint or bergamot, and warm milk with honey will not just make you sleepy and calm but also protect you from diseases and colds. However, you should remember that coffee is exclusively a morning drink, and if you drink it at night, even without caffeine, you can add another sleepless night into your diary.

Right posture

This is obvious, but still – take a comfortable position. To find it, try turning around in bed. Continue until you find the position in which you feel most comfortable. From the point of view of an outside observer, it may look wild, but that doesn’t need to concern you. All you need is maximum relaxation. Remember it and use it whenever you need to quickly fall asleep.

Get out of bed

Yeah, you read it right! Were you unable to fall asleep for 20-30 minutes? So, it is enough tossing and turning on a bed in vain, get up and do something useful: wash the dishes, iron the laundry, clean the closet, etc.

Most likely, after an hour of such activity, you will run back to bed and drop asleep immediately.

Try not to sleep

Another silly advice you’d think. But as crazy as it sounds it may help. This practice is based on the application of the principles of reverse psychology. In this way, you trick the brain, giving it the command not to fall asleep.

This practice is mentioned in the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” One of the characters in the film says that he tried not to fall asleep to see his mother return home. However, the desire not to sleep always had the opposite effect.

If Nothing Helps

If you have tried all the methods, but they still do not help, contact a psychologist or psychotherapist.

This is especially important in cases of early waking up — at 3-4 in the morning. Many psychologists claim that it is at this time that people suffering from depression wake up. In any case, with persistent insomnia, you need a psychologist’s consultation.


Experiment with methods and find for yourself those that suit you. The results won’t make you wait too long. Everyone knows that in order to be healthy, beautiful and young, a person needs full, high-quality sleep. We hope that these tips will help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep.

Good night and don’t let the night bugs bite you!