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13 Top Tips For SEO in 2020 that Improve your Business


In this post, DubSEO agency SEO consultants in London provides 22 tips for SEO in 2020. These tips will improve your blog rankings on Google.

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SEO Do’s and Don’ts for 2020

Don’t do SEO that doesn’t help your users, make sure your links are well integrated; this will help the user find information. Other SEO bases like optimising headlines and titles should also be done with the user in mind.

Tidy up your websites and delete or consolidate contents — use metrics like bounce rate and time to measure user engagement and optimise accordingly.

Look carefully at technical SEO to improve load time and time on-site; you can also migrate to HTTPS to give your site a perfect foundation. If you neglect the technical aspect of your website, even your best content won’t rank well.

Also, remember that SEO can’t work in isolation; you need to build a good brand, improve usability, and technical infrastructure.

Trends to be aware of and how to prepare yourself for future Google update

Taking a close look at the March 2019 Algorithm update, we saw Google rewarding helpful content and user engagement. What this means is that Google is paying attention to signals indicating whether users are happy or not when they visit your site.


This happens when the amount of available online content grows. Traditional ranking factors will lose importance, and this new trend will not be held back most, especially in more highly competitive markets.

What will SEO look like in the Future?

Visual search has a great potential for eCommerce. A recent study showed that 62% of generation Z (people up to 20 years old) want visual search more than any other technology.

This is why Snapchat and Amazon have developed a visual search solution for shopping through photos. In the nearest future, visual search is going to be big, so feel free to play around and test things out.

Voice search is also going to be interesting when it is integrated into devices like houses, fridge, and cars.

Updating Content

Don’t update content if it doesn’t require any update or if the new update won’t provide any additional value or information. Evergreen contents that are relevant at certain times of the year will receive stronger internal linking during high season.

An example is a page about flu symptoms.

Identify URLs that need to be deleted

Pages that haven’t received any traffic in the last 6 to 12 months should be deleted. You can use Google search console or Google analytics to find such pages.


You can also use software solutions like Searchmetrics Content Experience to see pages that have similar topics. You can consolidate them to create pages with higher quality.

This will generate more traffic. You can also look at log files to see how often Google has crawled on these pages, or you can take a look at the cache dates of the pages in Google search results.

The right way to delete content

It is possible to appear several times in Google search results when the pages competing with each other have a right to exist. It is better to consolidate the content on one URL if the pages are too similar, and there is a risk of Google not being able to know which page is more relevant.

This will be helpful and beneficial to your users.

Is it advisable to still write SEO content for category pages of online shops?

Yes, these pages might not be important for conversions, but they can distribute traffic to sub-pages for individual products where users can convert. It is important to include text on category pages. Also there are a Digital marketing and SEO expert in Bangladesh.

Does the position of a text affect ranking?

It isn’t a must for the text to appear below the product, it can be above the product, and if the text is hidden with only the first few rows being visible, the users will decide if they want to read the information or not.

Does content length improve ranking?

The word count is an indicator to show if the content is heavy, an example is health contents which require lots of explanations; in this case, longer texts will make sense.

Long texts are good; if the topic you are writing on provides scope for more details, you can write 10% longer than your competitors. In the case of fashion topics, pictures and a few words will do better.

Does link-building get you noticed?

Link-building is useful if you want to make your users aware of the content’s added value.

How important is a Wikipedia article for your business you are trying to rank?

Wikipedia will give more credibility to your business and you — it will also help you gain some credibility with Google because Wikipedia is heavily maintained and therefore, it is so hard to cheat there.

Is it okay to completely avoid money keywords for external-follow links?

Not in all cases, the most thing to do is make sure that the link being placed is related to the context.

How do one approach link-building?

Invest quality ideas and creativity when creating your content, and the links will come naturally. The attention you can get from your content is what will generate the links.

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