March 1, 2024


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3 Tips to Craft Best Custom Mobile Accessories Boxes in a Budget


Bespoke packaging is critical and knowing how to carve one for your product can make a world of difference in the way customers perceive your brand. And one of the key differentiators of how a brand is perceived is the unboxing experience.

Of course, we all are aware of how important it is to ship products in a timely manner, but it’s equally important that your customers should get the product in optimum condition. So you won’t have to bear any extra costs, like returns, reshipping and more. This holds true for companies that are engaged in the mobile accessories business. Since a lot of these products are sold online and shipped directly to the customers, business owners want them to reach customers in the best condition.       

To develop the best custom mobile accessories boxes, you need to keep the following tips in mind to meet your customers’ expectations and gain repeat business without breaking the bank. 

Tip 1 # Avoid Reshipping and Returns

If you aren’t cautious about how you deliver your products, returns and reshipping will eat into your profits. This is true when you invest in poor packages and expect shipping companies to deliver your product in the topnotch condition. Not only it gravely increases the waste and risk of breakage but also proves expensive. 


An ideal solution to prevent damages is by packing tightly. Reduce the weight and dimensions of your custom printed mobile accessories packaging boxes and place them in small mailing boxes. This will not only shave off a few ounces off the packaging but also allow you to ditch packaging waste like bubble wrap, packing tape, styrofoam, etc. and fulfill your social and environmental responsibility.   

It’s incredibly disappointing for customers to receive a damaged product when they are impatiently waiting for them once the order is placed online. You can say it’s beyond your control as carriers take over once your company with the inventory. But, adopting smart packaging principles can help you reduce the number of damaged products.  

Thus, make sure your custom mobile accessories packaging can handle the external pressures.Else, you have to see more returns due to damage. When developing your packaging, opt for the sturdiest materials as additional wrapping or cushioning can drive up your shipping cost.    

Tip 2 # Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

A lot of companies that deal in mobile accessories spend a high percentage of their time figuring out the most inexpensive ways to send their packages. As a result, they fail to see the whole picture. A quality packaging makes your buyers feel special, and it instantly transforms an online purchase experience from a hassle to an exhilarating event. 


You have to use this excitement to your advantage. For instance, consider the angle at which the wholesale mobile accessories packaging boxes will be opened. Why? A good first impression can be the difference between creating a lasting relationship and losing a potential client. For this reason, many are keen to perfecting their unboxing experience because you won’t get the second chance to create the first impression. 

Think what’s the first thing you want the audience to see when they open your packaging?

Odds are, it can be a delicate paper or soft packaging. However, many brands only consider the angles they want to expose to the potential buyers in the store. Sure, it’s important but you simply cannot overlook the sides and top of the box because they are exposed as soon as the buyer opens the online purchase.

Remember, you have only one chance to create a positive impression, so make sure it counts.

Tip 3 # Pack in the Marketing Material

Opening a product package that you have bought online has always remained an exciting experience for customers. It’s high time for customers when they receive your product. Meaning, they are in a good mood.  

This is a perfect time to reach out to them and suggest buying another product from you.

Many businesses encase marketing materials along with the product when it is ready to be shipped. Top packaging companies like The Legacy Printing suggest their clients to print and include marketing materials with their products. Because cross-selling greatly increases the chances to bag more money and improve your profit margins.    

It can really beneficial for both new and established mobile accessories companies.

Concluding Thoughts

Quality mobile accessories packaging is an important part of your customers’ experience.

Naturally, you want to ship your mobile accessories swiftly, cheaply and without breakage. At the same time, you want to keep marketing aspects in mind to make the most of the opportunity to upsell. And packaging can prove really handy here.

Even the minutest of the changes in your packaging can have a significant impact on your audience and help you double the size of your business. So don’t shy away from investing in high-quality mobile accessories packages as it can go a long way.

If designing quality mobile accessories boxes has become a grave burden for you, then there is no harm in outsourcing your packaging design and printing to a firm that is fully capable of meeting your packaging requirements and deadlines within your budget.   

This way, you can not only save time and money but can focus more on doing what you are really good at—growing your business.