June 4, 2024


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5 Major Uses Of Industrial Paint These Days!


As the name suggests, industrial paints are used by a number of industries such as textile, marine, optical, military, aerospace, aircraft, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and medical. Their basic functions are protected against physical and chemical attacks and beautification of substrates such as asphalt, fabric and fiber, fiberglass, concrete and masonry, plastic, metal, rubber and elastomeric, glass, aircraft, marine, shipbuilding, and wood. Because of such wide applicability, industrial paint manufacturers in India play important roles in meeting the needs of various industries.


The basic chemical ingredient of industrial paints includes solvent, resin, pigments, additives, and diluents. Paints may be either solvent-based or water-based. The former contains Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and the latter, water or alcohol or glycerol ether.


  • Anti-static or conductive
  • Fire retardant
  • Heat resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-corrosive,
  • Water repellent
  • Aesthetic touch; both internally and externally
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  • Temperature-proof
  • Electro-resistive
  • Elastomeric

Forms of Applicability

Depending upon the technical and aesthetic needs, paints are applied in any of the forms, such as solid, liquid

or gaseous suspension.

  1. In powder coating, the very fine baking powder used in the paint adheres to the surface.
  2. In Primary painting, the paint is suspended in liquid or solid and is sprayed on the object, making the paint stick on the surface.
  3. In the liquid application, paint is applied by using paint rollers, brushes, or scrapers.


1: Industrial Inks

They consist of different additives, colorant, and solvent, and are generally used for printing on paper, cardboard, metals, films, plastic cards, porous and non-porous substrates, and rubber. Industrial inks are widely used in the automobile industry, electronics, medical, and packaging industries.


They also have applicability in the aerospace industry, home-building industry, food, and lumber industries. The technologies adopted for the application of industrial inks include film drying, laser marking, multi-component coating, UV-cured, and thermoplastic coating.

2: Polymer Systems

The system includes ii) direct- contact process and ii i) atomization process. The former process involves traditional brushing, flow coating, roller technique, and electro-deposition. The later process includes traditional spray, electrostatic spray, and hot spray.


Machine Roller Coating is applied on paper, metal sheets, plywood, metal coils. Dip coating is applied in larger industrial operations.

The coating in the electro-deposition involves aqueous dispersion of solid content and is used in the automobile industry. It provides absolute resistance to corrosion.

3: Anti-Fouling

This form of paint coating is tin-free and provides brightness and shining for a longer period. It is cost-effective, anti-corrosive, and easy to apply in different climatic situations, such as humidity, acid rain, salt air, and tarnishing. It is particularly suitable to apply to steel, wood, or glass.

4: Automotive and Vehicle Refinish

Automotive coatings are applied to cars, Lorries, vans, trailers, etc. during the manufacture of the vehicles in the factories. The application is subjected to certain standards and control. On the other hand, vehicle refinishes coatings are applied during the repairing of the damaged portion of the vehicle in the body shop. The paint mist contains isocyanate and may cause asthma. If you are looking out for a suitable brand of paint, choose one of the autos refinishes paint manufacturers in India, with the symptoms of breathlessness, wheezing, persistent cough, chest tightness, etc.

5: Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace industry includes space, commercial aviation, defense and private jets, and general aviation. Spacecraft need paints with solar reflection and conductivity. Commercial and private flight operators need super high-quality paints for ensuring superb appearance to the flight- crafts.

Industrial paints have applicability on a trifle requirement like automotive refinish and also on a highly superior substrate of air-craft and space-craft. Therefore, the role of industrial paint manufacturers in India is assuming great importance in the government’s drive of “Make in India.”