June 6, 2024


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5 Ways to Carry Any Shirt with Style


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The New Year is around the corner bringing with it new styling vibes. Therefore, we feel like overhauling our wardrobes. Before you dedicate a massive budget to updating your wardrobe unnecessarily, browse through some great styling tips to pull off your simple shirts, which you already own.

The first step would be arranging your closet. Take out all your clothes and shirts and arrange them in categories. Since we are going to talk about styling up simple shirts, dedicate a separate section in your closet for them. Make a list of necessary purchases you need to make. I recently browsed Pakistani dresses online USA and ordered some very affordable shirts. Trust me, it is very easy to slay ethnic shirts with minimum effort.

So, when it comes to casual wear and regular shirts, you can try tons of styling tips and pull off versatile looks every time!

5 Tips to Slay Any Shirt

From layering tricks to clever accessorizing, take advantage of these styling hacks!

  1. Seek Help from a Tailor.
  2. Style your Jeans and Bottoms.
  3. Add Some Layers.
  4. Accessorize Cleverly.
  5. Add a Scarf or a Blazer.

Seek Help from a Tailor

For the T-shirts, you will probably have to try knotting them up or pulling on a button-down shirt. But if you are trying to make your ethnic shirts stylish, a tailor can help a lot! You can ask your tailor to make a regular old shirt asymmetrical. You can ask him to add a sit or two on the front. That will make you stand out from the crowd.

You can also add a shawl or a cape with a nice pattern over solid colored shirts to change the entire feel of them.

Style your Jeans and Bottoms

Any shirt paired with jeans looks great for casual dressing. Tees and jeans are favorite wardrobe staples universally. You can always try styling hacks to break away from the mainstream looks. For instance, by cuffing your jeans, you can rock an old pair too. Even if you have worn them a million times already, these simple tips can freshen up the entire look. Not only it can add an entirely new style vibe to your simple and old shirts, but it is also a perf way to flaunt your footwear.


You can also match patterned bell-bottoms or printed trousers with your shirts. They will change the entire look too. Just stick to the right mix and match technique to style up impressively.

Add Some Layers

Winter calls for some layering expertise. It saves you money and can give you a number of styling options with the same pieces. Choose cardigans and capes to pair with your regular shirts. Remember, layering can be tricky because you don’t want to end up looking bulky and random.

Belting up different layers is a good idea. Cinch up your waist with a classy belt to have a neat and charming feel. Belts also help in giving more definition to your figure. You don’t want to look like all those layers of fabric have swallowed you up.

Layering allows you to use all your clothing pieces, which you have worn a million times already. For instance, you can pair long-sleeved shirts with sleeveless dresses. You can add a pop of color with this interesting mixing and matching. You can pull on furry vests, coats, jackets, and the list is never-ending.

Accessorize Cleverly

Accessories can change the entire look dramatically. If you put on a blingy choker over a solid black T-shirt, you will look stunning. And this goes without any overspending for a nice, classy dress. Put in some effort and invest in gathering a variety of accessories to go with your outfits. From big and small rings to chokers, intricate necklaces, hair accessories, and even anklets, you can experiment a lot with your styling options.

Try wearing a mix of regular and midi rings with a regular shirt that you have. And don’t be surprised if someone asks you if you have recently bought that shirt!

Invest in good handbags and footwear too to add a new look to your outfits. A simple tee worn with pumps would look entirely different when worn with laced up high boots. Similarly, holding a tote bag stylishly with a regular button-down shirt will make you look formal and elegant.

Add a Scarf or a Blazer

Blazers always add a formal appeal to simple outfits. Invest in blazers and coats of different styles and textures. And when you pull them over your simple solid shirts, you will be good to go to a casual or a formal meeting. You can also add scarves and bandanas to take your outfit up a notch. There are several ways to pull them off. You can tie them up, fold them in a half and leave the pointed end on the front, and so on.

For bandanas, you can take your inspo from Insta-stylists. You can also rescue yourself on a bad hair day by rolling up a bandana to keep hair away from your face. Try our style guide and you will end up transforming all the casual dresses for women into unique and classy attires. You can thank us later!