April 21, 2024


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6 Developmental Ideas to Promote Teacher Talent in Rural Zones

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Teaching is not merely a profession. Rather, it’s a way of life. From conventional classroom teaching to the emergence of online professional writing services, the world has witnessed a remarkable evolution in education over the years. It is a one-of-a-kind activity that has the power to change the world and guide an entire generation to achieve new milestones.

Talking of the education statistics and teaching scenario in rural areas, the issues of teachers are critically related to the challenges of rural development. If we are to ensure sustainable rural education and development, then we must prioritise the aspect of promoting teacher talent as well. Unless an individual gets recognised as an educator and feels appreciated enough to carry out his/her duties, things will never be streamlined in a way it is supposed to be.

So, let’s come together and explore the six rewarding workforce development strategies that can promote teachers and their credibility in rural areas worldwide.

  1. Encourage teachers to brand their schools

A teacher is the anchor of the ship, dedicated to tread beyond all odds and promote education in its truest sense. Rural areas are still struggling to cope with the agility and exposure of schools and colleges in their urban counterparts. But we can certainly make a difference. Teachers in and around the rural zones can always take the initiative to brand their schools across different territories.

Here are some ideas on how you can encourage rural teachers with the right branding and exposure.

  • Make sure the school has its official website registered under government policies.
  • Update all job postings from time to time, with clear inclusion of all the major requirements.
  • Keep updating the existing teachers on teaching training drives with active notifications on the website.
  • Urge teachers to visit the official website of the school and display their talent in the form of academic blog posts, journals and the likes.
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  • Use social media networking to attract more eyes. Keep updating the social media page with relevant information, including motivational quotes for students.
  • Create a separate page for teachers’ testimonials, qualifications and other credentials.
  •  List out each information uniformly and help educators reach out to maximum candidates.
  • Promote and work on video tutorials

Thanks to the internet, many rural areas are now blessed with this advancement. So, it won’t be a major challenge for the educators to be active via video tutorials if they feel motivated and driven towards doing the same. The usage of video on the internet is expected to hit the mark of 240 exabytes per month by the year 2022.

Now, you can only imagine the reach and potential of video across various digital platforms, if used strategically. So, here are some recommendations that will help in promoting teacher talents via video tutorials.

  • Choose interesting topics on scientific experiments and illustrate them via video tutorials.
  • Pick and create a list of complex mathematical problems and demonstrate how to solve each one of them in the form of video clips.
  • Be consistent with your videos. Make it a point to upload at least one video daily.
  • Make sure the video format is not unnecessarily lengthy, filled with fluff, irrelevant information and spam.
  • Before you go live or promote videos online, check and confirm whether the science experiment has been rightly conducted or the math assignment has been solved correctly.
  • Refrain from sounding too pushy. In an endeavour to display your talent, do not end up poking students to take admission, particularly in your school.
  • Use emailing tactics for the targeted audience

Talent acquisition and recruitment are equally crucial when it comes to promoting teacher talent in rural areas. We can blame our societal structure and mindset for it; not many teachers show interest in joining a school situated in remote locations. We need to acknowledge such concerns and work on efficient measures to recruit new talents.


But before that, we need to embrace a constructive approach to personalise teacher vacancies and recruitment opportunities among all budding talents.

And what could be better than leveraging the potential of emailing to rope in fresh recruits? Here are some suggestions you may like to consider.

  • Broadcast job openings to a broader segment of the audience via personalised emails.
  • One can visit digital platforms such as Hubspot and Mailshake to get the hang of personalised email templates and examples.
  • Schools can also sign up for direct email packages on platforms such as G Suite Gmail, Zoho Mail, Office 365 Outlook and the likes.
  • Remember, every email for job openings in school should be precise, crisp and clear. There’s no point stretching the message with over-the-top claims, flowery words and internet jargons.
  • The email must comprise the perfect subject line, along with clearly specified salary package and long-term opportunities for the teachers.
  • Send the email across a wide directory of potential teachers. This way, it will be able to gain the attention of a broader audience base, beyond rural boundaries.
  • Promote healthy training sessions among teachers

To bring changes, we need to work on it and make things happen accordingly. Nothing on earth can be achieved overnight. According to reports, rural schools are currently experiencing the worst case of teacher shortage due to lack of proper training, infrastructure and other challenges.

So, we can invest time and resources in upgrading the current teacher training modules in the rural areas. Take a look at the constructive steps and strategies that can improve the present scenario for the better.

  • Rural school authorities must take active steps towards assigning learned, experienced and the ablest mentors to help all trainees go through the program.
  • Always lead by examples. Don’t train and leave. Use compelling examples of some of the best teachers associated with the school, or rope in stalwarts to hold interactive sessions.
  • Introduce the candidates to helpful teacher training exercises such as peer teaching, loop input, poster presentations, quizzes, group discussion and more.
  • Make the training module enjoyable with reading sessions conducted for the attendees.
  • This will help teachers brush up their linguistic skills, much required across a plethora of rural schools and colleges.
  • One must prioritise the aspect of reward and recognition

You got to appreciate real talents if you want to promote them efficiently. Rewards and recognition work everywhere. The education sector is certainly no exception. It will motivate teachers to take an active part in training and expanding their teaching capabilities down the road.

Take note of these ideas to patronise and encourage more teacher talent in rural schools.

  • Introduce stipends for the trainee teachers and encourage them to flex teaching capabilities more proactively.
  • Create special provisions for annual awards for categories such as “The Best Teacher”, “The Most Beloved Teacher”, “The Most Talented Teacher” and the likes.
  • Mention the names of all the self-motivated, tenured and student-friendly teachers on the official website and add a few good words in their honour.
  • Also, the rural school authorities must take the context of promotion and appraisal seriously.  
  • They should proactively streamline all due promotions and other professional recognitions on behalf of the deserving educators.
  • Invest in setting up sustainable infrastructure

You cannot promote teacher talent in rural areas with mere motivation and training. You need provisions for proper infrastructural growth as well. Otherwise, great minds will only suffer in the hands ofo shortage of resources and outdated infrastructure.

So, it’s time for the rural school authorities to buckle up and arrange funds or government aides accordingly to set up these resources within the rural school premises.

  • Labs should be well-maintained and equipped so that the teachers face no obstacles while trying to demonstrate critical experiments.
  • The school supervisors should monitor and keep track of a steady flow of electricity and internet connection.
  • One can also introduce separate recreational spaces for the teachers. Even they need breaks and recreational activities to fuel their talents and get back to work with a bang.
  • Make sure the schools have a structured and dedicated area for the teachers to address an entire class regarding important news, alerts and other notifications.

Key Takeaways

We must pay heed to the helpful ideas as discussed above and invest our time and resources to promote teacher talent across rural areas. Let’s take a glance at the key pointers that will come into play.

  • Motivate educators to brand their teaching institutes.
  • Encourage the use of video tutorials among teachers.
  • Use emailing tactics to recruit fresh talents.
  • Conduct healthy and productive teacher training sessions.
  • Prioritise rewards and recognition for teachers.
  • Invest time and expertise in setting up proper infrastructure.