September 28, 2023


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6 Essential Nutrients – What Are They And Why Your Body Needs Them?


While some of us may have a general idea of what nutrients are, it is important for us to know exactly what they consist of and why they are known to act as knights in shining armours to us, so that we know our food and nutrition better. Nutrasphere brings to you a carefully collated list of the 6 nutrients that your body cannot go without – and why it might be a good idea to incorporate them into your daily diet.


Vitamins are those micronutrients that your body needs in order to develop and function properly. There are 13 essential vitamins: A, D, E, and K, all of which are fat-soluble, and the remaining vitamins are C and the B-complex group, both of which are water-soluble.

Why Your Body Needs It

Vitamins are vital for warding off disease and staying healthy. Vitamins are crucial for healthy eyesight, skin and bones. Vitamins may also lower the risk of lung and prostate cancer. Because they are powerful antioxidants, vitamins like vitamin C help boost the immune system and also help the body to heal.


Minerals are essential nutrients required by us to perform functions necessary for life. There are five major minerals in the human body, which are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and magnesium.


Why Your Body Needs It

Minerals help our bodies in activities such as building strong bones and teeth and regulating our metabolism. Aside from strengthening bones, calcium helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure, and also in muscle contraction and relaxation. Iron facilitates the creation of red blood cells and hormones, while zinc boosts your immune system and wound healing.


Protein is a nutrient that is made of different amino acids. Our bodies need a variety of amino acids to be capable of functioning in an optimal way. However, before incorporating foods rich in protein, know the amount of protein you need on a daily basis depending on a variety of factors including how active you are, and your age.

Why Your Body Needs It

Protein is the entity that forms the building blocks of every cell present in our bodies, right from our bones to the skin and each strand of our hair. Thus, protein goes a long way in facilitating growth, health, and proper maintenance of the body.



Do not let the low-carb craze amongst some people fool you as regards the actual need of this nutrient. Go for whole grains, beans, and vegetables and fruits that are rich in fibre, rather than consuming refined grains and products with added sugar.

Why Your Body Needs It

Carbohydrates are extremely vital to gain a healthy body. Carbohydrates help in fueling your body, especially your central nervous system, and protect against diseases. Some carbs are healthier than others.


You probably have an idea that there are “good” kinds of fats and there is also the “bad” kind of fats. While the common notion is that fats at all costs should be avoided, but the reality is the good kind of fats are essential to your body. The “good” consist of unsaturated fats found in fruits, vegetables and nuts, and are of two kinds: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The “bad” consists of all those foods that are high in saturated fat and trans fat, found in junk food.

Why Your Body Needs It

Fats often get a bad reputation, but it is safe to say that healthy fats are an important part of a healthy diet. Fat supports many of your body’s functions such as vitamin and mineral absorption, blood clotting, building cells, and muscle movement. Fat is high in calories, but these kinds of calories are an important energy source for your body. It helps you to balance your blood sugar, decrease the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and improve your brain function. They are also powerful anti-inflammatories, and they may lower your risk of arthritis, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease.


We all know it: we can go for weeks without food, but we cannot last more than a few days without water. Water acts as a saviour to every system working in your body. It is also what we are mainly consisting of, so to speak, as about 62 per cent of our body weight is known to be that of water.

Why Your Body Needs It

Water improves your brain function and mood. It acts as a brilliant shock absorber and lubricant in the body. It also helps flush out toxins present and accumulated over time inside our body, and help to smoothly carry nutrients to cells. Not to forget, it hydrates the body and prevents constipation. Even mild dehydration can make you feel tired and impair your concentration and physical performance, hence it is a great idea to take care of your water intake.

So the next time you are stocking up on your groceries, be sure to include a healthy variety of foods in your cart that are rich in all these essential nutrients. You will soon find yourself living a healthier life – and your body will thank you for it.