March 1, 2024


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7 Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Grab Visitors Attention and Increase Conversions


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a popup? Annoying? While the majority of users don’t like them, it is still an effective marketing t technique for website marketers to force users to look at the offer. Popups, if designed well and used strategically, can drive great results. The key is to use some best design practices to create user-friendly popups for your website to grasp users’ attention and persuade them to convert.  Using the right popup forms on your WordPress website can significantly increase your chances of getting more leads.

If you are thinking of adding popups to your website to get a significant increase in your lead conversion rate, it is important to create well-designed popups that can convert visitors into customers. Here are some of the best WordPress popup plugins that you can use to come up with great popups that can give the desired sales results.

Let’s check them out.


OptinMonster is one of the best WordPress popup plugins that can help you achieve your lead generation and conversion goals. It offers a variety of pre-built templates for creating different popups for your website, such as WordPress popup forms, exit popup campaigns, slide-in popups, mobile popups, and more with simple drag and drop features.


It has an amazing Canvas feature that makes it easier to create different types of popups by using custom HTML/CSS and WordPress shortcodes. Now there is no need to show the popup form to those who are already signed up for your offers. With its advanced features, you can display different offers to those visitors who are already signed up. The advanced exit-intent technology combines with page-level targeting and behavior automation, which will help you maximize your website conversion and lead generation rate.


Bloom is one of the most popular popup plugins created by Elegant Themes that will make it easier for you to attract more email subscribers and grow your following. With more than 100 built-in templates, Bloom lets you customize as per your requirements using the extensive design settings. It allows you to create a number of popups including, opt-in fly-ins, opt-in popup, in-line opt-in, widget area opt-in forms and a lot more.

The tool allows you to target specific content and display unique forms with special offers based on the location and interaction of users. Designing a great opt-in form has become easier by using different design settings, advanced features, and a beautiful dashboard. Bloom’s exit-intent trigger options allow you to track time, scroll depth, and inactivity. You can also show the popup after a user leaves a comment, or the checkout process is finished.


Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is an effective popup builder that allows you to choose from more than 70 templates with animation effects. You can choose from more than 74 different animation effects for your website popups. Besides creating form popups, the drag and drop popup builder also helps you create a wide variety of popups such as social sharing boxes, video displays, and more. The tool lets you show the popups to only those visitors who used ad blockers. It offers a number of page-level targeting and trigger options that let you optimize your popups.  Its built-in analytics and A/B testing and Google Analytics Even tracking integration features also help you track user data.


Whether you want to increase the number of leads for your brochure design company in Dubai or convince users to focus on your website message, creating popups is one of the most effective strategies to get users’ attention. ConvertPlus is an amazing popup builder that can turn your website into a lead generation machine. With this all-in-one WordPress popup plugin, you can grow your email list and create beautiful popups in minutes. The plugin offers more than ten popup display options, and over 100 artfully designed popup templates that you allow you to customize on your own by using the WordPress customizer. ConvertPlus also offers over 12 different user behavior triggers and filters.

It is one of the best lead generation plugins due to its advanced features such as opt-in popups, exit popup, video popup, social popup, widget box, exit popup, and a lot more. ConvertPlus lets you optimize your website popups by offering targeting and trigger options and default A/B testing and analytics.

Elementor Popups

If you want to create beautiful popups for your WordPress website, try Elementor Popups. The tool allows you to apply different widget and styling options to your popups, including buttons, countdown timers, email opt-in forms, and more. You can create a variety of popup forms with this popup builder that has more than 100 amazing templates. The popup plugin allows you to create specific page targeting and trigger options.


It is another great choice for building popups for your website. OptiMonk popup plugin can work well with a number of platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. With this amazing tool, you can create opt-in forms for capturing leads, growing your subscriber list, promoting your special offers, reducing shopping cart abandonment rate, and a lot more. The page-level targeting, and time-based targeting make it easier to optimize your popups for maximizing conversions and get the desired sales results.

Popup Builder

This efficient popup builder allows you to choose the display location of the popup from a wide variety of options. It lets you insert content into your popups and add custom animation effects to make them more effective. With this advanced Popup Builder, you can set popup triggers on mouse hover, page scrolling, and click. Automatic closing, user targeting, time delay triggers are its few best features. It can also integrate with MailChimp, AWeber, and other email service providers.

There are plenty of other options available for creating popups for your website. Choosing any of these easy to use popup plugins can help you come up with a great popup that will definitely help you capture more leads and increase website conversions.