June 7, 2024


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7 Ways to Create a Powerful Reception Area


When designing a reception area, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The way you organise a space can make a huge difference both in the efficiency of your staff and the visitors’ experience. That is why making sure every aspect is well-taken care of is crucial if you want to create a powerful reception area that is going to leave a great first impression. These 7 tips will help you accomplish that.

Use appropriate lighting

The first thing you need to make sure of is that you have good lighting. In this case, everything boils down to paying attention to details and finding the right balance. Avoid using white lights since they will make the space appear too clinical and stark. Too warm lighting, on the other hand, will make the room appear too homey. You want to find the middle ground that will create a welcoming, yet professional atmosphere.

Also, try to let as much natural light as possible. Having a lot of huge windows surely helps, but there are other ways to incorporate more light. Placing a few mirrors around the room will make space look bigger while simultaneously bringing in more light. All you need to do is place the mirrors on opposite sides of windows in your reception area.

Introduce greenery with indoor plants

Another great idea for brightening up the place is to simply incorporate some greenery with indoor plants. This way you will be adding a pop of colour to the reception area and make the whole space look more welcoming and positive. 

Pick your plants carefully though. You want to get the plants that have all the conditions needed in order to grow and thrive. If you have a lot of natural light, get some plants that need a lot of light. If you have some shaded areas, get some plants that don’t need that much light to grow for those corners too. Not only is this change great for the transformation of the area, but it is healthy as well.


Comfortable but elegant

You should strive to create a comfortable and cosy space for visitors to wait. However, this task might be a bit tricky. Once again, make sure you find the middle ground. The receptionist area should be welcoming and comfortable, but still, look sophisticated and elegant. The goal is to place specific pieces of furniture and décor that are right on the line between comfy and elegant. You want your visitors to have a pleasant time, while also enjoying the aesthetics of the space. You can buy a minimalistic-looking sofa but then decorate it with a couple of pillows that go well with the interior design. That way, the sofa is going to both look fancy and feel comfortable. 

To find furniture pieces that will go well with the reception area design, you should call the experts and rely on the help pf design companies that will provide you with some of the modern office pieces to make your reception look extra elegant. 

Make sure you also pay attention to small finishing touches you can make to give the reception area a real chic look. For instance, place a stand where visitors can put away their umbrellas and hang their coats. Try to decorate with fancy, yet functional elements. Layout some magazines or brochures that your visitors can read while waiting.


No points of confusion

Reception areas tend to be confusing. People don’t always know what line they should follow or where they should wait. The organisation of the reception area can seem very intimidating if not done right. That is why making sure that your reception area has no points of confusion is crucial for creating an efficient and powerful reception area. You need to ensure that it is crystal clear where visitors should go to announce their arrival. Also, give your staff clear instructions and ensure they have a clear line of sight to the entrance. That way, they can make a warm greeting to your visitors as soon as they walk in. 

Also, make sure to free the area around the reception desk. You don’t want that area to be cluttered and messy. Find a place for stacking all the deliveries. They should definitely not be making any unwanted mess at the reception desk. Put them away.  

The goal of all of this is to make wayfinding a lot easier. That can be done by offering very simple and concise signage and other solutions to let the visitors know where they need to go. You can also make the area easier to navigate by placing clear marks on areas such as elevators, bathrooms, and other common destinations. 

Create a sophisticated brand

In order to make a great impression, you need to create a recognizable brand that is going to stick out. You need to know exactly what message you want your reception area to convey to your visitors. What is it that you want to be the first thing people see as soon as they walk into your reception area? Your lobby shouldn’t only provide comfort and practicality. It also needs to reflect your brand and your values. You need to decorate the area with your company’s recognizable colours. Place the logo design somewhere on the wall where it will be easily noticeable. 

Give the space a significant-finish by placing your company’s logo on brochures, napkins, or anywhere where it can be clearly displayed. You can also choose to display some of the customised logo mats in front of the entry points. The point is to get a message across and to let the customers know what to expect. 

Clear and easy to navigate

Reception areas tend to get really crowded. In that mess, it can be very hard to walk around and find your way. That is why it is important that you consider the flow of traffic when you’re working on the layout of the reception area. Even though the main goal is to make the room comfortable and to provide a sufficient amount of seating spots, it is also very important that you allow easy movement. 

Try to keep clear lines so that there can be free movement between reception desk, entrance, elevators, and other destinations. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is the way you update your layout. Never design your reception area with an empty space in mind. It’s always safer to assume that it is always going to be busy. 

The process of designing or redesigning the lobby should be taken seriously as much as the change of the office itself. Try to collect some data on what people are looking for in reception areas. What makes them feel welcomed and comfortable? Remember that the reception area is your first chance to make an impression. Consider people’s needs and wants and try to incorporate them. How much time do people spend in lobbies? What are some security measurements you should take into account? What are the minimum and the maximum number of seats your lobby needs? These are all just some of the questions that will help you create a perfect reception area.

Play soft music at a low volume

Lastly, create a lovely and welcoming atmosphere by playing soft and soothing music at a low volume. This will make you come across as more professional as well as make the customers feel welcome. What you should definitely avoid is blasting their senses with TV shows or local radio stations. Instead, you should make a playlist consisting of calming and relaxing music that will be playing in the background at a low volume. This will help you avoid awkward silence while creating a lovely atmosphere. 


All things considered, creating a powerful reception area pretty much boils down to making sure the area is comfortable and practical, yet elegant while ensuring that your brand makes a positive impression on everyone who walks through the entrance door. Just remember that having satisfied and happy visitors is the ultimate goal and reward. Following these tips will help you get that effect.