September 23, 2023


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8 Tips To Get Split-end Free Hair

Get Split-end Free Hair

Splits ends are a reality and as much as we want to not address it, it’s a fact we cannot deny. Split ends are caused when the outside protective layer is frayed over a period due to external stressors like sun, pollution, heat damage from styling, colouring and dyeing hair frequently. Using products that helps split ends mend are a plus point, tigi bed head ego boost leave-in conditioner is one such product which helps mend your split ends. The obvious option is to get a haircut or a trim. And as most of us struggle with not wanting to cut hair, there are some steps which you can follow to prevent your hair from having to split.



Wide tooth combs are much better option than combs which are narrow toothed. Wide tooth combs are best used in the shower when you condition your hair. Slowly comb through your hair so that your tangles are sorted out better and the breakages are lesser. Combing your hair after it is towel dried is a bad idea because the roots are already tender from the rough towel rub. This will cause your hair to break more than usual.



Treat your hair like you would treat expensive clothes, with gentleness and kindness. Use hair ties which are covered with material so that it is safe from being broken. Avoid elastics which have an ornament or a metal piece in them, hair gets stuck in these ornaments and makes it weak and prone to breakage. And if you want a high, sleek ponytail then use some hair spray or gel, in a controlled amount. You can always use tigi bed head products

before you style your hair. 


Hairdryers, straighteners, curlers can all be given a holiday from time to time! The cheaper your styling equipment is the more damage it will cause your hair. Cheaper hair styling equipments are notorious for over heating over a period, which causes more damage to your hair. 


Taking supplements isn’t a taboo. It helps add to the nutrients in your body. You are what you eat and having a bad diet shows in your hair. Folic acid and biotin are two B vitamins which have been known to aid hair growth and hair strength. 


Yes, the miracle product, contrary to popular belief is a leave-in conditioner. The tigi bed head ego boost leave-in conditioner is great for your hair because unlike conditioners which you wash off, leave-in conditioners keep your hair more moisturized and protect it from heat damage. It also helps the hair have a nourished look.


Blow drying your hair wrong makes it worse for your hair. Use a nozzle to direct hot air to your hair always. It makes for more heat transferred hence making your hair styled faster and limiting damage to your hair. Allow your hair to air dry at least 90% before you use a styling tool. The best option is to let your hair air dry but of course if no options are left, we recommend using these steps to minimize damage.


Stop all those inane treatments of colouring, styling, straightening and perming your hair constantly. This causes your hair to become dry and brittle, not mention it makes your hair become thinner over a period of time. If you do go for such services, make sure you limit it and refrain from washing your hair at least for 48 hours because it is the most porous and fragile from the treatment.


Trimming does help in your hair in becoming healthier and growing faster. It is always recommended that you trim your hair in six to eight weeks, so as to allow your hair to be rid of the split or dead ends and allowing your hair to breather better.

Split ends can be a nightmare if not kept in check. Split ends can also drain your hair of its nutrients, hence we at hope that you go buy the products.