April 20, 2024


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9 Tips to Prune Your Trees Efficiently

tree pruning

The pruning technique helps the tree grow healthy and strong. Moreover, it helps the tree to look attractive. The pruning technique is implemented to encourage the growth of new branches and to create different shapes of trees.

It is very important to implement the pruning technique efficiently. Inappropriate pruning technique leads to tree damage. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks that will help in tree pruning:

1. Find the Reason for Pruning

You should know the reason behind pruning. Well, the pruning technique is implemented for various reasons such as shaping the tree, removing affected or diseased branches, maintaining good health of trees, etc.

Before implementing the pruning techniques, you should determine the reason behind pruning. You should set the goals and try to achieve them. The reason for pruning will also influence the time of pruning. If you want to do light pruning, then it can be done any time in the entire year.

On the other hand, if you want to do extensive pruning, then you should do it in the winter season. The extensive pruning in winter will lead to good growth of branches during spring. But, if you do tree pruning in summer, then it will leave a negative impact on the growth of the tree.


2. Thorough Tree Examination

You should properly examine your trees before you start pruning. You should spend some time in your yard and properly inspect all the trees in your yard.

You should prepare a strategy that helps you to achieve your objectives. After doing the proper inspection, you will get to know about the damages to your tree.

3. Get Rid of Damaged Branches

No matter what is the reason behind the damaged branches, you should immediately cut down these branches so that the healthy growth of trees can be restored.

When the broken branches are removed, the water and essential nutrients can be re-distributed among various tree branches to healthy sections of the tree.


4. Thinning of Branches

You should start thinning the branches so that air can circulate, and sunlight can be received by all parts of the tree. You should cut down the branches that are crossing each other. Thinning of branches will open the plant and help the air to circulate properly.

The sunlight can easily reach various parts of the trees after removing overlapped branches. The branches of the tree that are too close to each other restrict the growth of the tree. It will lead to fungal infection and also cause a cluttered appearance.

5. Get Rid of Obstructions

You should remove all those branches that act as an obstruction. The branches that are blocking the path or higher branches that are threatening your roof or telephone wires should be removed. It is a good idea to get rid of all those branches that are creating annoyance.

6. Shaping of Tree

The tree pruning technique helps in shaping of trees. You can easily give different shapes to the trees. For example, if you want to give a round shape to the trees, then you should trim odd angles of the tree. Only a few cuts will completely change the shape of the trees.

7. Do Not Overdo

You should prune your tree as little as possible. If you overdo, then it will lead to bad tree health. Even a small mistake will compromise the protection system.

The small pruning mistake will lead to potential fungal and infection due to insects. You should prune precisely and cut down only those that are needed to be pruned.

8. Know the Tree Species

You should know the tree species before starting the pruning technique. It is important to make sure that the deciduous trees have living branches on 2/3 of the tree. Well, this is varied with the different species.

But you should keep in mind that the trunk alone does not give a guarantee that the tree will survive. You should remove those branches that are stressful for plants. When you remove broken branches, then water and nutrients are efficiently utilized by a healthy portion of the tree.

Thus, tree pruning encourages healthy growth. For tree pruning, you should take the help of renowned tree service providers such as tree pruning Sydney.

9. Once A Year

You should prune the tree heavily once a year. If the storm does not lead to breaking more than one branch, then you should prune only one time in a year. The tree will take some time to recover. You should prune your tree heaving in dormant season i.e., winter.

Therefore, you should take out your pruning tools in the winter season. If you implement pruning techniques in late autumn or early winter, then it will create less stress on your trees. Thus, you should do extensive tree pruning in dormant season only.