September 27, 2023


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A Manual Guide For Unable To Open The QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks software comes under the top trending software so that the users can easily perform the operations effectively and efficiently. Now-a-days our experts noticed some issues that can occur while running and opening the QB Company file. One of the most common issues indicates this error. When this error issue occurs to you, then you are unable to make some changes in your existing company file. Now look at the possible issues of QB company file error.

For additional support and assistance you can get the successive details through QuickBooks Online Login issues. Because this error issue also comes to you when you are facing QuickBooks Unable to Open Company file.

Some Valuable reasons for QuickBooks Unable to Open The Company file

●     QuickBooks File is accessed in a very bad manner or can’t accessed properly.

  • Wrong or unspecified versions of Quickbooks software program are used for opening the QuickBooks file.
  • Any problem or issue occurs in your Windows files and reports in your QuickBooks software.
  • Few files are blocked because some folders are unauthenticated due to some other reasons.
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  • It can occur when your QuickBooks Company files can be compressed or encrypted.
  • Any damages occurred in the extension of the record.
  • At the same time another user opened your company file.
  • Due to corruption in your company file.
  • When your company files are already saved on the external disk, at that point you are facing this kind of error.

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How can you fix this error issue?

Repairing the QuickBooks Company file

QuickBooks company files can be adversely affected due to some valuable reasons. We highly recommended to use QuickBooks File Doctor for efficiently removing the error issues. QuickBooks File Doctor will help you in fixing the QuickBooks Unable to Open Company file. By using this QB users can easily fix all the queries manually by giving some permissions and authentications to the tool. This tool will help you in automatically fixing the issue of your damaged file.


Users needs to Open the report within the software program

  • Firstly you have to open the QuickBooks software program and then try to find the ‘File’ menu and then pick any option which includes Open or repair employer.
  • As according to your own preferences you have to select the option most relevant for your error and also require the nature or type of file which you are trying to be opened.
  • Now Hit the Browse tab for finding the report manually.
  • After that make a selection for the files as per the type and name.
  • Now make a click on open.

Include some restrictions for automatically opening the QuickBooks software program

  • If all the above solutions do not work then you are required to implement this solution on your system for resolving the error.
  • Now you have to hit the ALT key present on the system keyboard and now make a click on the Open tab.
  •  If all the mentioned steps are completed without displaying any error pop ups on your screen then you have to move further steps.
  • Go to the top menu bar, and start looking for the Edit tab and then select the preference option.
  • Now choose any of the options that refers to the Desktop view. Now make a click on Don’t save the desktop.
  • At the end, Hit Ok to end the process.

Name the .TLG or .ND files again

  • Firstly you have to Open the folder in which all your company documents are saved.
  • After that Right-click on the company transaction log files and directories and then rename the existing file with different extensions which include “company file name” OLD.Qbw.TLG. It defines the identical call because of the company file with a .Tlg file extension. Always keep notes or we always suggest that users need to go with the same method so as to rename the .ND file.)
  • At last perform some operations to open the company file in a proper manner. QuickBooks will help you in creating a new .TLG and .ND files on their own.

Check out again all your property and file extension

  • Simply Open the folder in which all your  company files are stored and saved.
  • After that, just Right click on any of the company files which you need.
  • Make sure that the type of file is a QuickBooks company file.
  • Check whether the size of the file is always lesser than the 7 Megabyte.
  • Now Hit the advanced option and check the further options for both Compress and Encrypt attributes which are opted and unchecked.
  • At the end simply hit the Ok button for successfully ending the running process.


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