April 21, 2024


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Allcalidad: 15 Alternatives to download movies


If you’ve ever wanted to watch movies but don’t have a streaming application like Netflix, we present some of the best alternative options like Allcalidad.

Here you can find endless titles you will have the option to find comedy, fiction, horror, among other options, these websites have endless titles that you will love.



Website: allcalidad.la

Our main alternative is Allcalidad on this website you can find excellent quality with 4K ultra HD. It has an endless number of series, animes mostly translated into Spanish, new and old movies and you will find Torrents, the main languages ​​it handles are Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish.

Each of these options has a special section, all titles have a rating given by the users of the page, this is found at the bottom of each title.

Alternatives to Allcalidad for watching movies

We all know that this is not the only option to enjoy an afternoon of movies. Although many of them do not have a quality as good as Allcalidad. We present some other equally good options so you can enjoy an afternoon of movies with your family or your favorite companion.

If some of the following alternatives are not of your interest, we recommend you visit a more extensive list in the following article.


pelis panda

Website: pelispanda.com

Pelispanda has several titles and various categories which are divided by movies, series, genre, year, quality, each of them has a different menu. In the movies section we can find some titles like Cruella. In the series section we will find several titles like Loki.

In the selection of gender it can be observed from action, crime, Family, children. In the year section we can find movies from 2010 to 2021. And finally the quality that this page handles is from 720 P to 4K to 2160 P. Like Allcalidad has one of the best qualities in these sites.



Website: torrentlatino2.net

TorrentLatino has a resolution of up to 4K. It has a movie section where you can find the war of tomorrow and Luca. In the series section you can find endless titles that you will love. Comparison of other sites this one only has a few genres such as action, adventure, animation, science fiction and comedy.

Compared to other Allcalidad, this one has Tops which show the most voted and most viewed titles. One of the options that helps us find a title faster is that they are classified according to the alphabet.



Website: pelistorrent.org

PelisTorrent has a section for movies with the most watched titles on the big screen such as Godzilla versus Kong and for the little ones it has a boss in diapers. In the series section we can find Netflix original series like Somos and some more recent like Loki.


PelisTorrent has a section for movies with the most watched titles on the big screen such as Godzilla versus Kong and for the little ones it has a boss in diapers. In the series section we can find Netflix original series like Somos and some more recent like Loki.


peliculas gratis

Website: yestorrent.net

YesTorrent is another alternative to Allcalidad that has a movie section where you can find Mortal Combat or terror in the fog. Its series section features Alex Ryder and De Bag. In the genre section it has various links where you will find action, mystery, suspense among others.

In the year section you can find movies from 2003 to 2021, this makes it easier to find some titles. This page is one of the ones with the best digital quality since it has 4K ultra HD and also has a micro HD at 1080p.

In the languages ​​section you can find movies in Latin Spanish like Thor. Castilian Spanish with movies, pray for us. In subtitled movies you will find titles like The Glories.

Like Allcalidad this website has one of the best video resolutions on the entire internet.



Website: elitetorrent.fm

EliteTorrent has several movies and compared to Allcalidad it has series and movies in English. In the Spanish movies section you will find Cowboys. In the Latin movies section you will find titles like Rose.

And finally in the movies section you will find titles like caveat these are movies in English. In its series section you can find Grey’s Anatomy and The Flash. The categories that this site manages are romance, drama, action, among others. The quality that handles that from 720P to ultra HD. It has a section of premieres from 2019 to 2020.

Compared to other sites such as Allcalidad, this site has the sale of prime services such as Netflix per year at a very low cost.

GranTorrents – Like Allcalidad

peliculas gratis

Website: grantorrents.org

This movie site features the latest movie releases. In its movies section we will find fast and furious nine and the shadow. In its series section we can find the Good doctor and false identity they have full chapters and new seasons.

This platform has genres such as action, premieres, Kids, music, history, among others. Its resolution is very good since it only has 1080P and HD.

Unlike other platforms such as Allcalidad, this allows you to make requests from its administrators to add movies of your liking such as animes and old movies.



allcalidad alternativas

Website: reinventorrent.com

On this site we can find movies in Spanish, English and with Spanish subtitles. In its section of films it has titles such as Seven and Hotel Transylvania. In the series section it has outstanding titles such as the Simpsons and Loki. It handles 1080P resolution in all its titles.

Compared to other pages like Allcalidad, this one has the option of documentaries like hip-hop Uncovered. You can also download video games like Old World. Downloadable music comes by genres or years, an example of this is rock in English. Finally you will have the option to download programs for your PC such as Windows 11 beta and Photoshop. Without a doubt one of the most complete pages that we will find.



Website: pasateatorrent.net

On this site you can find categories such as the most watched movie where you can find titles like the Joker and Frozen 2. They have a recently added section where you will find fast and furious nine and untouchable.

It has the Spanish language and shows you how long the movie takes, gives you comments about it and the downloads made. If we talk about the video quality, it has HD and 1080P. Unlike Allcalidad, PasateATorrent does not have series.



Website: torrentdivx.net

This site has featured movie sections where you can find titles like Spiral. Another of its sections is animated films where you will find Luca and Soul. In the series section you can find Loki and paradise. It has categories such as action, adventure, television movies, animated.

Unlike Allcalidad and other pages, this one has a daily news section where you can see announcements about new episodes and movie premieres. Along with this section are the trailers of all the movies divided by year and category.

A plus of this page is that you have the option to join a Telegram group to receive daily news and movies from the application.

MejorTorrento – Like Allcalidad

allcalidad alternativa

Website: www.mejortorrento.net

This website has different sections such as documentaries where you can find more than 500 titles including the line. In its section of films it has more than 10,000 films including love powder.

In its HD movies section you can find movies like guaranteed love. Another form has more than 1000 series and among its most viewed is Rick and Morty.

It has a section of HD series with more than 200 series including homeland. Unlike the other pages, it only has 720P video quality but it has an HD section with few movies and series.

Unlike Allcalidad, on this site you can download games for Xbox, PlayStation, one of its most significant titles is DOOM 3. You can also download programs like Fl studio and music for free. A plus that this has is that you can buy premium subscriptions for platforms such as Spotify, Netflix and Disney Plus, these have a lower cost.



Website: pctmix1.com

This website can find different ways to watch a movie since it has a language in Spanish, Latin and 3D HD, the most sought after titles are Mortal Combat and Rose.

Unlike Allcalidad, PctMix1 has a section of movie premieres where you can find titles like the father. In terms of series, it has titles like Empire and it has series in HD, the most watched so far is Legends.

It has something that very few platforms have since it has Telegram groups to give news about movies and series. Like some others, it has the sale of prime subscriptions for Netflix, Amazon and Spotify, these have a low cost which makes them very accessible to the public.



Website: playwarez.cc

This website is divided into five sections where you can find different titles, the first section is movies, here you will find titles like Jumanji and for the little ones Tarzan. In the next section of beings we will find original Netflix titles such as Cobra Kai and Chernobyl.

In the next section we will find the video quality that it offers us, it has three different ones, the first is 4K at 2160p, the second is HD 1080p and the last is HD at 720P. Compared to Allcalidad, we can request titles that we like to add to the platform.

The next section is about premieres, here we will find what is new on the platform, we can find titles such as great spies for little Mulan.


neo torrent

Website: neotorrent.net

On this page we can only find movies, there are titles like fast and furious nine and for the little ones Luca, it has Netflix titles like the skater girl. It has some anime chapters like Demons Slayer.

It has too many genres including action, sci-fi, crime, and suspense. It has a search engine for years which makes it easier to find old movies. Like Allcalidad it has a high video resolution from 3D to 1080P Blu-ray.

Despite not having a series section, it has some incomplete ones, mainly from Netflix.


allcalidad alternativas

Website: bajalogratis.com

Like the previous page this is only about movies on this site you can find titles like Wonder Woman and SpongeBob to the Rescue. It has a search engine based on the alphabet and this makes it easy to find the desired title.

They have the option of 2020 films where you will find titles such as the young detective and in the option of 2021 films you will find titles as pray for us.

Unlike Allcalidad, it has anime films translated into Spanish, one of its titles is Naruto. You have the option of requesting titles, the only requirement is not to be recently released, the application only handles HD quality at 1080p.



Website: cine-calidad.com

This website only has movies like human animals, it also has Netflix titles like movie day. It has genres such as drama, suspense, animation and horror, it has some mood titles like mobile suit guardian Hathaway translated into Spanish.

Like Allcalidad, it has a high video quality at 4K ultra HD. With a search engine supported by the film genres found on this platform.

Unlike other platforms, this does not have many series or children’s movies.

Allcalidad – Main Risks

As with any website that downloads from untrusted sources, we remind you that the BitTorrent protocol brings inherent risks of virus and other malware downloads.

Some users who use Allcalidad have chosen to use an operating system that does not get infected, for example Linux or MacOS, however the malware tends to lodge on users’ computers without them realizing it.

If you don’t want to take such risks, we recommend avoiding the use of these torrent video download platforms.

Last Words – Allcalidad

As you can see, there are several alternatives to Allcalidad that you could try for your entertainment. However, these alternatives are changing over time due to the blocks that film companies demand on these sites derived from copyright infringement.

Therefore, we do not recommend the use of these platforms, because they infringe the copyright of the films, even when the downloads are made from external servers, but the protocol remains the same.

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