September 24, 2023


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Ashok Leland Generator-Best & Reliable Source For Power


Industrial generator sets are required for any product in a variety of sizes. Ashok Leyland diesel generator sets are the sign of rugged quality and efficient mechanical and electrical efficiency, capable of starting and assuming load in less than 10 seconds and rating load in a single step.

Ashok Leyland generators are well equipped to peak distribution stations, distributed generation (DG) systems, peak shaving (or maximum lopping) and power management at broad commercial or industrial sites. The high-end generator sets of Ashok Leyland have been completely redesigned to meet our customers ‘ performance, quality and flexibility.

  • Standby Power – For any system where mission-critical activities involve an uninterrupted power supply, emergency standby power is necessary. Whether this energy is used to enable secure financial transfers, fulfill the uptime demands of large data centers, or facilitate life-saving operations in healthcare facilities, continuous control in many sectors transforms into performance.
  • Prime Power-Need for extended periods of time reliable power? See no more than Cummins. And if your next venture is in a new environment without a utility service, has a network that is too costly or has a background of unreliability, Ashok Leyland offers top economic strength to commercial and public facilities.
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  • Distributed Generation / Peaking – Distributed generation systems are becoming an increasingly popular power option Built on a concept to position decentralized power plants near to power users. By supplying a single large consumer with peak power or introducing energy to a national transmission system to strengthen local power vulnerabilities delivery, Ashok Leyland provides distributed generation systems that help utilities defer expensive transmission upgrades and save larger customers money by reducing their peak power costs.
  • Cogeneration – Do you need to eliminate greenhouse gases with an electrical and thermal energy system for water, steam or air conditioning? Ashok Leyl and has a remedy for your cogeneration. With natural gas or diesel-powered systems, we capture “waste heat” and ensure that it does not go to Generally slashing the oil (and CO2 output) by half while also saving you up to 35% on total energy costs.
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Diesel Generator of Ashok Leyland Company is one of the top Diesel generator manufacturers in India. Ashok Leyland Company has more than 40 years of experience in generator manufacturing.

Ashok Leyland Gensets uses alternators developed by industry-leading diesel engines-a global leader in diesel engine and producing alternators.

The Ashok Leyland brand is today one of India’s leading energy and engineering solutions company. Ashok Leyland Diesel Generators are the best and reliable source for power backup. Ashok Leyland Diesel General-Sets are customers’ preferred generators in a wide range of industries, including IT & ITES, Healthcare & Hospitality, Automobile, Manufacturing, and Agro & Aqua. Our knowledge exceeds 70 years of engineering excellence and our partnership with Cummins as the world leader in diesel engines. Ashok Leyland Generators are known for their special features like fuel efficiency, low emissions, great performance, and strong reliability. We are industry leaders and have introduced the concept of silent gene sets in India. Ashok Leyland is a market leader in India’s market for low, medium and high capacity Diesel Generators.


●     High Fuel Efficiency

Ashok Leyland ‘s generator provides high fuel efficiency. Our team is regularly upgrading the generator with new technologies for better performance and fuel economy.

●     Low Emission Level

Ashok Leyland generator products deliver low emission levels and maintain all applicable environmental regulations mandated by the government and other bodies, adhering to all regulations.

●     24*7 Support Service

The Ashok Leyland Company provides 24-hour service throughout the country. They have an expert team with technical know-how to support all types of applications. Which is always ready to remove our problem.

EO Energy Private Limited Company established in the year 2013 in Noida, is one of the manufacturer, trader, wholesaler, retailer, importer and exporter of Gensets, electric motors, canopies, portable generators, diesel generators, and industrial Generator.

Some designs and technical specifications of a Ashok Leland Generator

There are many different types of modern generators to use large loads and after a few years, they’re not crushed. Service of 3 combined dealers & five-year warranty processes is 250 KVA greaves generator.  Any basic technical specifications on how the generator can be powered and how its power is voltage are afterwards.