April 16, 2024


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5 Reasons To Utilize Automated Content Moderation

Automated Content Moderation

Automated content moderation involves using technology to speed up the removal process of harmful and inappropriate content while eliminating the need to review every post manually. The process isn’t entirely ‘automated’ but features a unique blend of human and algorithmic moderation. 

In this process, maximum work is done by the technology, while human moderators only provide the input when necessary in specific situations after automatic prescreening. The automated approaches to content moderation use AI-powered algorithms for identifying inappropriate content according to the available guidelines and data. Visit https://viafoura.com/blog/top-8-best-practices-setting-effective-community-guidelines/  to learn the best ways of setting practical guidelines for the purpose.

How does Automated Content Moderation work for the platforms?

The moderation platform recognizes harmful, sexually explicit, or illegal elements in the text, visuals, live streams, or videos. Human input is needed only in some instances, depending on the moderation thresholds. Here is how it works according to the different cases.

  • Reactive moderation – In this method, users report inappropriate posts after publication. 
  • Post-moderation – It is the most popular method where algorithms screen the content after it goes live
  • Pre-moderation – This method is suitable in cases where content screening is required before it is published on the platform.

In the post-moderation method, content moderation takes place through the moderation platform only. All inappropriate content is removed immediately according to the thresholds and rules set by the platform. Automation speeds up the entire process, and the content is moderated as soon as it’s published.


When is manual moderation required?

Manual moderation is done in case of tricky content where the algorithm doesn’t work efficiently. First, content moderators check the questionable items. Then, they use a moderation interface to decide whether to remove or keep the content.

It’s essential to set the moderation policy before choosing the moderation method. Also, define the content types and rules depending on your platform’s strategy. You also have to set the thresholds so that the content moderation tool easily demarcates whenever there is a violation of the content standards.

Manual content moderation is based on the training data pooled from the feedback received by human moderators into the automated platform. It offers new learning to the AI to keep or remove certain content, enhancing the accuracy of the automatic process.

Top reasons to leverage Automated Content Moderation

The various advantages of this new technology for the platforms featuring user-generated content are listed below:

1.   Quick content moderation

Moderation has become the need of the hour in this digital world. Users aren’t willing to wait for days to post content on social media as it may lose relevance and fail to attract a potential audience.


Automation promises speed and delivery of incredible results. It’s tough to moderate too many contents in a go that are supposed to be published online every second.

  • Technology makes things easier and effortless.
  • It helps in completing the process speedily and efficiently.
  • The algorithm makes it possible to immediately take down illegal or harmful content and protect online users’ interests.
  • The dubious content is forwarded to the concerned team for manual review.

2.   Provides a better understanding of users and customers

Moderating user-generated content serves as an invaluable opportunity for recognizing user patterns. This information comes in handy, especially in high-volume campaigns where the content is tagged by moderators based on their properties.

Furthermore, the content moderation team uses the info to determine user opinions and behaviours. They draw actionable insights and create the content posting campaign accordingly. Plus, it also helps in determining the sections that require improvement.

3.    Trustworthy and safe content moderation option

The success of an online business depends on its speed of scaling. Hence, users looking for proven solutions to grow their online platform need a viable solution to manage the user-generated content.

It’s practically impossible to moderate a large amount of content manually. The human moderators will be loaded with too much work, affecting their performance and efficiency. Automation is a logical solution to manage a massive chunk of content and the moderation process.

Plus, it also speeds up the growth of digital platforms while upholding their safety and trust programs. Automated content moderation works according to security standards set for the platforms.

4.   Effective at persuading customer behaviour

TV, print media, and radio advertisements may not fail to persuade customer behaviour in this digital age. The same goes with the traditional methods like auto-play videos, pop-ups, and banners. In addition, the increasing use of ad blockers has made it difficult for businesses to connect with their potential audience.

User-generated content not only fares better but also helps the platforms to connect with potential buyers. They bring more success to an advertisement campaign than digital ads. Today potential buyers seek referrals or buyer opinions to decide on the purchase. Moderated user-generated content goes a long way in improving buying process and buyer behaviour.

5.    Eases the work of human moderators

It is one of the significant benefits offered by automated content moderation. Human moderators do not need to go through disturbing content as it’s prescreened by the algorithm automatically.

Content moderation is a challenging job, but it also has negative psychological impacts on the moderators. The automated tools help in curbing these risks. Plus, they make things easier and more efficient for the platform and moderators.

Manual content moderation requires a holistic wellness approach to check the moderators’ mental health. On the worse side, it may even hurt the brand’s image in the market and result in high attrition and legal ramifications rates. Automated content moderation is the best measure to counter this problem. Besides, firms should hire the right talent and prepare the training material based on practical simulations.


Given the pace at which modern technology is growing, the content moderation process will be fully automated in the future. But for now, the algorithm needs a human element to grow and learn.

The sentiment analysis and in-built knowledge databases of theAI-powered systems efficiently analyze inappropriate aspects in all types of content irrespective of their format – be it video, audio, text, or live stream. You are sure to gain huge benefits from this advanced tech solution.