June 5, 2024


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The benefits of setting up automated payroll for your business

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If you find something in this life that is going to make it easier then you really would have no hesitation in using it. The same should apply when running your business and so this is why automated payroll is making things easier for companies all across the world. It’s likely that you already use automation within your production line and so it seems a logical step to start using it when it comes to paying your staff.

Everyone seems to be getting paid now digitally and because it makes your life easy and the lives of your employees easier as well then it will save your business both time and money. If your payroll is currently performed in-house then maybe you might consider contracting it out to an external service provider.

What is an Automated payroll service?

Automated payroll services in Vietnam help to simplify the whole procedure of paying your staff their salaries and it cuts out a great deal of time and mistakes are greatly reduced. It means that there is no more having to pay your employees in cash or to put the money into a wage packet and hand it to them.


An automated payroll software means that the money goes directly into their bank accounts and they can withdraw the money over the counter or via an ATM. If this sounds like something that would be very useful for your business then here are a few more benefits of automated payroll.

  • Error reduction – To err is to be human as they say and so processing your payroll manually results in mistakes that may not seem like a big deal to your payroll Department but it could really affect an employee’s life if they don’t receive the salary and they are not able to pay their outstanding bills. Once you handle the payment of salaries over to an automated system then you will find that there will be very few or no mistakes and this will keep your employees very happy indeed. It is important to make sure that staff motivation levels are high which should be helping to increase sales
    and by paying them their money on time and in full, you can be guaranteed by motivational levels.
  • It is a time saver – Time is money as they say and so processing your wages manually takes far too much time when there is a much easier option available. This time could be spent more productively within the workplace and an automated system literally cuts hours of time. The system itself is able to calculate the hours that your employees have worked, any overtime payments that are due and even a record of payment can be sent to the employees. Employees want to have their questions answered promptly and so this system will allow you to do exactly that.

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  • Much improved security – What you are paying each individual employee is an incredibly private thing and so an automated system helps to secure an employee’s information. If you continue on with manual payroll then printed or written records will be there for all to see and that is not a very secure way to keep all of your payroll data. By implementing an automated payroll system, the whole procedure itself can be password protected and so only authorised members of staff can access this time of information.
  • Remote processing – In the unlikely event that employees from the human resources or payroll Department are unable to get into the office then payment can be made remotely from any other destination. All they need to do is to log into the system and process the salaries due that way. It also allows the payroll supervisor to answer salary queries on the move and on the shop floor where employees may need their questions answered as soon as possible.

Comfortable Reports

Not only does your automated payroll system pay salaries quickly and easily but it also allows you to keep track of labour costs in the past to give you an idea of the salaries that might be due when you are taking on a new contract and you need to figure out how much you want to charge this new customer.

When you need to refer to payments that have been made in the past, it used to be that you had to look through an incredible amount of paperwork to find the piece of information that you were looking for. That is no longer the case because everything is automated now and at the push of a button you can find all of the information that you might need and more. It is also possible to generate reports for your accountant or for your Board of Directors and once again it just takes the push of a button on the keyboard to make that all happen.