April 21, 2024


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Understanding basics about ASIC

basics about ASIC

Cryptocurrency is the principal pillar under the roof of the digital financial market. Cryptocurrency is considered the highest returning instrument in the financial market compared to other digital investing assets. Trading crypto tokens is much easier than trading in shares and securities of the secondary capital market. You can trade in crypto tokens from anywhere around the globe because this network is developed on a decentralized technology known as a blockchain system. If you are interested in Bitcoin trading, consider that you can Purchase A House With Bitcoin.

Blockchain technology also plays a vital role in BTC mining, and the maximum number of BTC which can be mined from blockchain is 21 million. Using high-tech devices like expensive mining rigs (ASIC) will make it truly convenient for you to create a new block. Most experienced miners also think that using ASIC is much better than using GPU or CPU because ASIC can perform the work of mining rapidly and efficiently.


Due to the constant increase in mining field competition, GPU and CPU efficiency is declining in contrast to ASIC. Before going to the practical part, it is necessary to know the basics to understand this technology completely. The below-mentioned portion will discuss some of the most popular mining ASIC, commonly known as anti-miners.

Antminer S7-LN

It is a bitcoin mining machine which uses semiconductor chips. It can mine bitcoins through the SHA-256 algorithm. Antminer s7-LN is a new product launched by Bitmain (China’s most popular bitcoin mining company). It can mine bitcoins much faster than earlier products such as Antminer s5. It costs around $774, which is reasonable because of its high performance.

You can use it to mine bitcoin with 650-1650 MH/s. The hashing speed of this machine is 650-1650 MH/s. Hash rate is also called mining speed. It implies that the effectiveness and speed of bitcoin mining depend on your capacity to comprehend the fundamentals of bitcoin mining, appropriately configure hardware, and maximise hardware lifespan. This gadget uses roughly 1330 W of power, per the specification. It needs a 2000W power source with a 5V/3A voltage.


Components of Antminer S7

It includes many components such as a circuit board, chips, heater and fans. However, the most critical components are:

• Controller board: This board is responsible for controlling the machine and plays a vital role in mining procedures. It also can control the heating process, which helps it optimize its performance. But if you want to operate this farm at a lower temperature, you can use an external cooling system such as a fan because that will work well with a controller board.

• Chips: It is responsible for mining bitcoins.

• Heater: It is responsible for the direct heating of these chips.

• Fans: They are responsible for the cooling purpose of these chips.

The steps involved in mining with an Antminer S7

Bitcoin mining is a process with the help of which you can find and receive the rewards through bitcoins. In this process, your computer uses computing power to mine new bitcoins from the blockchain network. You will receive ten new bitcoins with every 100 billion (1MB), and your reward depends on your computing power at the time of mining, which is around 12.

Anti miner S5

Antminer S5 is the first miner with a price under 1000 USD, which Bitmain released. It can mine bitcoins at a speed of 15 GHS (Gh/s). Developers launched this product in China in the year 2016. It contains 4 ASIC chips; this machine has an ethernet port, USB connector and power cable. Antminer S5 operates at a frequency of 86 MH/s. Therefore, it can mine bitcoins at a hash rate of 15 GH/s. However, it consumes about 1290 W of electricity. So, it would help if you had a robust power supply with 2000W, which is available in the market.


As more people see BTC or crypto mining as their primary income source, the competition level is inclining. Initially, people could mine any cryptocurrency from their personal (ordinary) computer, but now they are required to purchase heavy hardware in terms of technology.

A few years back, miners could still mine crypto tokens with the help of GPU (graphic processing unit) and CPU (central processing unit). But now, mining companies have designed a new kind of equipment to aid in manufacturing crypto-tokens known as ASIC Miner. These machines are characteristically different from the old ones as they have been designed and developed specifically to increase the hash power of a particular cryptocurrency network.