June 6, 2024


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Bathroom Safety: Best Shower Chair for the Elderly


One of the most dangerous place inside your home is the bathroom.  The potential for a deadly fall gradually increased especially for seniors. In Singapore Emergency Departments, about 85% of injuries in senior adults are falls, which makes it the leading cause of disability and even death in the elderly.

A small bathroom environment can be used as an advantage to some people as they can use the sink or walls to hold on to. The reason for the bathroom as the most dangerous area inside your comfortable home is because of the slippery floors, particularly in the shower area. Due to the water surfaces and minimal friction, most people suffer injuries in the bathroom. Once the floor area got wet, the risk of falling or slipping is high especially for elders.

Showering or taking a bath requires us to stand, however, it can be a difficult task for our elders, we want to make sure they are well taken care of. There are ways in which you can minimized or prevent the elder fall when having a shower. There are different assistive devices in which it can help. One of the cheapest alternative for expensive walk-in shower is a shower chair.


What is a Shower Chair?

A shower chair provides support for people who are experiencing loss of balance, strength or inability to stand in a long period of time. It offers comfort and stability in the shower area. It also provide additional back support especially for elderly or persons with disability. A shower chair comes with different designs in which you can choose from when buying a shower chair. It come with different shape and sizes, when buying a shower chair you must depend it by the need of the elder or the person using it.


A typical shower chair has an adjustable leg rest feature and brackets to accommodate the height of the person using it. The rubber footing of a shower chair helps to prevent the chair from slipping while in a wet floor or tub.

Even though a shower chairs are designed for every individual’s body type, weight and heights, elderly and disabled persons will mostly benefit from using it.

What To Take Into Account When Buying A Shower Chair?

Size And Weight

When choosing a shower chair, one important factor you have to consider is the support size. Shower chair was built to accommodate variety of sizes for different customers. A standard shower chair has a weight a capacity of 250 to 400 pounds.

An Adjustable Height Shower Chair can accommodate a weight up to 250 pounds.


When choosing a shower chair, it is important to consider the space and usage of the bathroom aid. For instance, if your bathroom has a small space, you can opt to buy portable shower chair or a wall mounted foldable shower chair. A portable bathroom aid like the Adjustable Height Shower Chair was designed with simple and effective design, it offers a safe bath experience by fulfilling your essential needs with its textured anti-slip seat and adjustable height feature. While, the  Wall Mounted Foldable Shower Chair is also a good investment for your loved ones as it can be folded when not used and can save more space.


The design of the shower chair is also important to consider when buying a shower chair. Depending on the needs, you may consider a standard shower chair, it’s sturdy and made of lightweight aluminum frame. If you don’t have back problems, you can opt to use a Swivel Seat Adjustable Height Shower Stool, this shower stool from SeniorCare is highly touted bathing aid, it furnishes you with the ultimate in comfort, ingenuity, safety, and ease of us.

It is important to determine what type of shower chair you need for the elders. At the end of the day, bathing aid was made to provide you with a bathing experience that is guaranteed to be safer, secure and comforting. Even though you have difficulty, you can enjoy taking a bath with a bathroom aid.

To establish a safer, more comfortable experience while bathing, bathroom aids are great remedy for your bathroom.