December 7, 2022


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How To Shop Around For The Best Business Energy Quotes

Best Business Energy Quotes

Reduce your business’s energy expenses. Find the best quote. Choose a quote from a company that values your customers. Compare quotes from different companies using Understand your tariff first. Conduct your research. Here are the top tips and tricks for finding the best business quote.

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Compare Prices Online

With the help of energy comparison sites, you can quickly find the cheapest quotes. This is one of the simplest ways to compare rates from an extensive range of industry-leading suppliers. Numerous online tools allow you to perform quick searches, as well as, energy comparisons.

Be Careful With the Quote

Be mindful of the total price quote. Don’t just focus on finding the lowest unit price per kWh. Some tariffs might feature lower unit rates but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the cheapest option on the market. The daily standing charge associated with these plans might be extremely high. It’s therefore important to compare the overall cost of the energy plan rather than focusing on one individual rate.

Know When Your Contract Is Due

Most energy contracts last between three and five years. Setting a reminder for the expiry date will allow you to end the contract when applicable. And this will in turn go a long way in preventing you from being moved to a rollover contract.


Did you know that rollover contracts are the most expensive tariffs? Well, now you know. With a rollover contract, prices might increase by a whopping 85 percent. But the good news is that you can avoid this by simply setting a reminder about your contract’s expiry date.

Consider Checking Market Prices

Review the market prices regularly. Make sure that you obtain quotes from multiple suppliers to see if you’re paying exorbitantly for your electricity.  Even if you can’t make an instant switch because of your existing contract, you still need to beware of how energy prices vary from one year to another.

Use Referral Schemes

Ask for referrals. Speak to your friends and colleagues. They could provide you with a deeper insight into the various pricing structures. In business, you need to stay connected to others. At times, a direct comparison might help. Through referrals, you might also receive substantial discounts.

Talk To Your Supplier

Talk to your current supplier. Once you’ve compared prices online, go ahead and contact your existing supplier. Ask them if they can match the deal, you have landed elsewhere. A good supplier will be hesitant to lose a valuable customer like you. Thus, they might offer you a discount if you opt to renew with them.


Consider Fixed Contracts

So, you have finally found the best price? Well, it’s time you consider making it a long-term deal. A fixed-term contract will give you more stability for many years to come. Nonetheless, you must know that you won’t be paying the same amount every month. Your bills will still depend on the amount of energy your company consumes.

If you think that energy prices will rise, then it’s better to purchase a longer fixed-term energy plan.

Optional Services

Try purchasing additional services. Aside from supplying electricity and gas, energy providers also offer additional services. And these include customized management software, as well as, business energy auditing. With the help of these services, your company’s energy consumption might reduce significantly.

Think Renewable Energy Options

Compared to fossil fuels, renewable energy is extremely affordable. Certain suppliers can help your business generate renewable energy. Some of the most popular options include solar systems and small wind turbines. Consult with your energy supplier to see what are the available options.

Pay Via Debit Card

Make payments through monthly direct debit. This can help you access substantive discounts. You could save up to five percent on your energy bills. However, this will solely depend on who your energy supplier is.

Group Purchasing

Work as a team. If you’re located in a busy town or city, consider contacting energy providers as a collective. This could help you land better deals. Just ensure that the offer is the cheapest rate available ok the market.

How Businesses Can Save On Energy

One of the biggest expenses for any business is gas and electricity. Plus, the prices of gas are increasing. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to invest in solutions that can make your company energy efficient. Plus, saving energy makes your company more sustainable. It reduces your company’s footprint. Use the following tips and tricks to save energy in your company.

Switch Tariffs

Switch to a different tariff. Usually, your energy supplier will automatically roll over to a higher tariff, which is usually expensive. Don’t wait. Start shopping around for the best tariff. Preferably, start shopping around for a cheaper tariff 2 months before your contract ends.

Energy Audits

Carry out an energy audit. Hire the right energy auditor. Among other things, an energy auditor will go through your consumption, identify areas you are wasting energy and recommend solutions. He/she will educate your employees on the importance of saving energy.

Business Equipment Efficiency

Inspect all your business equipment. Replace old appliances. If you are using old model computers, bring in new energy-efficient laptops. Replace that old showerhead. Purchase an energy-efficient refrigerator. Preferably, purchase energy star-rated equipment.

Shut Down Unused Equipment

Shut down all unused equipment. This includes TV, computers, printers, and photocopiers. Don’t leave equipment in standby mode. Sensitize your employees on the importance of saving energy.

Better Lighting

Choose energy-efficient lighting solutions. Replace conventional lighting with LED-based lighting. According to experts, LEDs are efficient, produce less heat, and last longer. They can help you save up to 80 percent of energy.

The Bottom-Line

Check market prices. Know when your plan is due. Use a comparison site to compare different energy plans. Think about a company with renewable energy plans. Choose a company with energy efficiency solutions. Use the above tips and tricks to select the right business energy quote.