February 25, 2024


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Bid early or late? Best time to bid on online auctions

bid online auctions

About 80% of online items are listed as fixed price listings. And sometimes, these items are costly. The easiest way to find cheaper products is by buying from online auction sites.

Online auctions have the cheapest goods you can find online. The more affordable items are those on online auction sites. And because of this, many people from around the world also know this. At the end of the day. You find that you compete with thousands of people for a specific item.

So amidst this competition, how do you win a bid and still pay as little as possible?

When you bid on auctions online, there are some miscalculations you can make and also some maneuvers you can use to make sure that you always win an auction and pay as little as possible.

While some people will bid early and continue to make multiple bids, that’s inaccurate as it allows your competitor bidders to outbid you and push the price up. A common misconception is that you’ll end up overpaying if you bid high.

Still, some online auctions use what they call proxy bids to bid on your behalf, meaning they’ll bid as little of your whole budget as they can to make sure that you win.

The worst tactic: Bid Early

Early bids make you pay too much because they always make profits related to the selling prices. Sellers do everything to make you bid early and bid more than once. Once you bid early, the price keeps going higher as other new bidders compete for the same item.


Another reason why no tough bidder bids early are because once you’ve placed your bid, you’re committed as long as it wins. For instance, if you place an early bid today, you get a better item the next day; you’ll still be stuck with the first item if you win.

Why on earth would you want to commit yourself to an item you haven’t bought yet? So it’s better to wait until the end when you are free the whole time.

In this world of financial gambling, people should pay or receive money for something called options. If someone commits themselves to a future option to buy an item, it means they expect to be paid for the inconvenience.

The best tactic: Bid late

The best time and way to bid is to bid late and bid high. Bid the maximum bid you’re willing to pay as late as possible.

Before bidding on an item, research and find the listing that will give you the best chance to win at the lowest price. You can do this using some of the ideas below;

  • Search a number of times using different terms to describe the product you’re looking for. This can help you comprehend the current price of that product.
  • Try searching by misspelling words, for example, “porcelane” instead of writing “porcelain.” Some people may find a listing with a typo.
  • Be sure of the time the auction will end because it can affect the number of people that will bid on that product and if you’ll be available to place your bid at the last minute. If it’s so late at night, you’re less likely to outbid at the last minute.
  • It would be best to decide how much money you’re willing to pay for that product. This will give you an idea about your maximum bid, and you’ll be prepared to make decisions in the crucial last seconds of the auction.


Sniping is the term for jumping in on an auction and placing a bid at the last second. You can snipe in manually, or you can use several automated sniping tools on the market to bid on your behalf.

Automatic snipers will bid in the last second, leaving no time for a competitor bidder to place another bid. Still, nothing beats the excitement of placing the bid yourself and knowing you’re you have won it rather than a machine.

In this case, you must bid earlier than usual not to be hindered or let down at the last minute by slow internet. Thirty seconds allow three more last-minute bids to be placed. But if you’re going to eradicate this, try to place your bid in the last 10 seconds or less.

The best strategy to bid online

  • Put the product on your watch list, and the system will remind you when the bid will end.
  • Use the auction site’s mobile app or never be away from your computer when the auction is about to end.
  • Bid as late as you can.
  • Don’t show your hand, don’t place a low bid early. Other bidders will see that you have already bid and are awaiting you to bid again. Low winning bids attract a lot of competition than an item with few early bids.
  • Bid the highest price you’d be willing to pay, and this is possible by researching to know the item’s cost value. So, bid high, bid once, bid late.
  • Bid a couple of dollars higher than your maximum. If someone else bids the same, you might win by a penny.
  • Set your budget and stick to it. Don’t get drawn into a last-minute bidding war.
  • Consider using an automated sniping tool.

Final thoughts

Do you need it? Or, do you want it?

You must hang with it and wait for the final bid if you need it. If you want it, put your maximum bid in and let the item find its level. If it goes over, you’re informed that the market value was higher and that you may have to raise your price expectations on the next one.

Overall, consider these tips while bidding:

  • If there’s a “Buy It Now” option, consider buying the item right away without waiting for the auction to end.
  • You have a big chance of acquiring the item by placing your highest bid in the closing seconds.
  • If you see an auction listing has a reserve price, bid that amount as early as possible, so the low starting price doesn’t attract other bidders.
  • You can also try bidding at an uneven price. For example, if you’re thinking of spending $10.50, try $10.63 instead. Those extra few amounts added can make all the difference.

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