February 29, 2024


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Can We Link Human Brain with Artificial Intelligence Down the Road?


Artificial intelligence is a challenging the human brain. Tech-savvy workers say that the hardware in our brain has not improved in the past thousands of years, but artificial intelligence has overtaken human intelligence in a couple of decades. How quickly we have become a part of the artificial intelligence world, we have never realised. You can find it everywhere; from driverless cars to robotic surgeries, we all are gradually depending on machines for our day-to-day activities, and the hi-tech dystopian world is growing faster.

Technology has left its impact on every sector forcing everyone to be techno-optimist. Seeing the positive outcomes and comfort after adopting technology in every sector, tech-savvy people are envisaging a world where machines will link with human brains. Of course, dystopian scenarios will arise out of it, but they argue that human beings are already shifting from their ethical point of view.

Robots are replacing human beings and some scientists are trying to create a robot with a brain the same size as a human brain. This clearly indicates that artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. In the last five or six years, the commercial sector has gained benefits from this technology. The introduction of robots is not new to the medical sector, but it requires huge investment and the medical staff are still in doubt about the credibility of robotic operations. Some sectors are trying to be dependent on artificial intelligence as much as possible and some are still being cautious about it. Well, whether the role is high or low, artificial intelligence is pervasive. You are using it without realising it.


Differentiation between artificial intelligence and human intelligence is a must

Before tech experts could create a link between artificial intelligence and the human brain, it is important that they clearly define both of them. However, it is harder to do so. Many people use artificial intelligence more than they used to. The recent example is Alexa. It is a very common object that can interact with human beings, and most of the people are using it. It has a memory and communicates like a person. This is why artificial intelligence has become like a person. You give instructions and gadgets to follow your command. Though you know that they are technology, you treat them like a human being. It makes life easier, comfortable and interesting.


Tech experts will have a need for an advanced Turing test

Turing test is a method used to determine whether any technological gadget is capable to communicate like a human being or not. This sort of test does not deal with any other type of intelligence. The primary focus is to check the capability of communication. The connectivity of biology with a machine means all aspects of intelligence need to be checked. Of course, communication is one part of it and Turning test is a method to be certain about this potential, but what about other qualities?

Tech experts still need to work on this part. They have to find out a method that considers other aspects of intelligence. Since you are going to have machines with intelligence the same as human beings, experts need to figure out methods to confirm the credibility and durability. Experts are looking forward to having an advanced Turning test that may take into account other aspects of intelligence.

How is the future likely to be?

Humans are going along with artificial intelligence very well. According to tech experts, if they consider an alternative scenario in which machines are more intelligent than human beings, it is going to be very dangerous. Machines will replace human beings and they will make all decisions. Human beings will have no role and no importance. Where will all of us end up?

This is why upgrading humans is equally important. Human beings, according to tech experts, will be able to link with artificial intelligence much more closely if it improves the way we are. For instance, airplanes have improved the way we used to travel and the communication system has improved the way we used to communicate. The connection between the human brain and artificial intelligence should aim at making life better.

It is important that human beings look forward to being techno-optimist rather than techno-pessimist. You get caught up in a techno-pessimist future when technology overpowers you.

The bottom line

Linking the human brain with artificial intelligence is not an issue. It will give you several advantages, but it can be very dangerous if machines are smarter than human beings. However, tech experts assume that this terminator scenario is never likely to happen. It is important that human beings also upgrade themselves to get along with machines.

summary: Tech experts are looking forward to linking the brain with artificial intelligence. Will this create a termination scenario or make the life of human beings better?