June 5, 2024


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College Hazing: How To Prevent Them


As usual

Every year around this time, a group of young students begins their university career and, every year around this time too, a group of bullies decides to have fun at their expense.

That university hazing is a disgusting, outdated and degrading custom for the victims we already know almost all of us, it only remains for a few to find out at once and stop making a fool of themselves. College hazing is strictly forbidden in all universities, dormitories and colleges, even at the cost of expulsion and penalties for participants, but, for some inexplicable reason, people who want to abuse and humiliate their new classmates always find a way. to take his sadistic part out for a walk.

What can we do?

If you’re a freshman or a veteran but want to do something useful to prevent college hazing, here are a few ideas of things to do:


1. Mentoring. This practice, which is already taking place in several universities and residencies, consists of a veteran student “adopting” a new student and guiding him through their integration process. Not only to explain how the educational center works or how to find the cafeteria, but also to help their correct social integration. It’s a great idea that, unlike college hazing, helps new students go through that process in a non-traumatic way and encourages solidarity and empathy among students.

2. Groups of students. When we don’t know who to turn to in college or there is nothing organized in our faculty to prevent college hazing (although there is to punish it), students can band together to join forces and not give in to pressure from veterans. If no one is isolated, it will be much more difficult for them to find victims. Older students who want to collaborate can also form groups to detect and report these practices.


3. Integration activities. Entering the university again without knowing anyone and even having your family and friends away as is the case with many students who study in other cities or countries is very hard. For this reason, preparing a series of activities that help like-minded people get to know each other would be useful and beneficial for everyone. They can meet up on campus and go somewhere from there or play games or gymkhanas for the new ones to start interacting. You just have to think about how to do it and put up a few posters around the faculty. Surely many people are encouraged and more if it is specified that they are activities organized by people who do not support university hazing.


Although we do not want or cannot do any of the above activities, what we must do is (in addition to, obviously, not participate in the university hazing) to report if it is going to occur or has occurred. We can turn to the dean of the faculty, the student aid office or the teaching staff to take the appropriate measures, but, in addition, it is possible (and should be) reported to the police, because abuse, humiliation or humiliation it is a crime even if the victim has consented to the aggression, since it is understood that this consent is vitiated by the coercion it entails for her.

The “good” college hazing

According to ghostwriting agency there are people who argue that low intensity hazing is not harmful. In other words, forcing someone to drink large amounts of alcohol and then lick ashtrays is wrong, but having new people dress in a humiliating way and walk around town is not so bad. They see it as an innocent rite of passage, as a form of integration… Well, it’s not like that. Each person has tools to deal with difficult situations, and a college hazing that is harmless to one student causes nightmares and anxiety attacks to another. There is no good hazing and no bad hazing, all are hazing, all are humiliating, all are an abuse of power and all are forbidden and punished.