June 5, 2024


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Comparison between SEO Implemented Business and Non-SEO Business


The online world cannot deny the importance of SEO for guaranteed online business success. Businesses without SEO practices have slim chances to grow. Competition is rising in the online business world, and SEO has a vital role in this increase. At the same time, some businesses fail to attract public attention. The reason for their leaning behind is their lack of Search Engine Optimization operations. Our SEO services bring for you the best comparison to understand the difference between the SEO oriented online business and the non-SEO one. In the following discussion, some details will help understand how a business website using SEO operation, wins the race of gaining more web traffic. Besides, the business that lags in this race and ends up in total collapse.

Before going further into details, it is imperative to bear in mind that SEO is an online operation that only deals with businesses that are selling their products or services online. In traditional or non-online-businesses, it has nothing to deal with SEO.

A comparative study under every heading will define the scope and prospects of SEO and non-SEO business.

Page Ranking

The whole scenario of online business revolves around the science of web page ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. In this ranking, SEO operations and techniques play a crucial role. Businesses with successful optimization rank higher in the searches appeared in response to web users’ queries. Following prominent points will help understand the relation between SEO and page raking:

  • An optimized business website is enjoying the support of search engines like Google.
  • Google algorithms respond to any search query, and if your website is effectively optimized, your website has good chances to appear in the top ten results shown in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • The first ten results of SERP appear on the first page. The website with effective use of SEO technology is likely to fall in these ten results.
  •  Befalling on the first page of SERP is the ideal situation. Academic research shows that 91% of web researchers do not bother to go past page one.

Non-SEO Website Page Ranking

When it comes to the page ranking of a non-SEO, website results are different from those discussed above. 

  • Non-optimized websites are likely to fall on later pages like SERP 9 or more.
  • Without an SEO website is sure to lose the attention of any search engine’s algorithms.
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Web Traffic

The essence of SEO is to gain maximum web traffic. The following are points that help us understand the role of SEO for attracting web traffic.

  • An effectively optimized website is always higher in the search result of any search engine. Hence, most of the web traffic always opt for these results in fulfilling their needs.
  • The more a website is tried by web users the better for its status.
  • The extended number of web users visiting your website becomes a source of attraction for other users, without any cost.

Web Traffic for Non-SEO

A non-SEO business website cannot attract web traffic. The only traffic that moves towards it may only come from the following sources:

  • Employing yellow papers.
  • Utilizing a personal relationship with your business.
  • Visitors can come in contact using telephonic and electronic communication.
  • Only those web users are likely to land on your website, who are curious about your business.

Online Competition Status

The online competition-based environment among different websites like providing the same services or products is the hallmark of the whole SEO process. Websites with effective SEO always face the competitive challenge and interchangeably occupy top-notch ranking in SERP. How SEO is a tool for websites to survive this challenging situation? Following points may help us get the answer to this question:

  • SEO supports websites or web pages to rank higher in SERP. It is because of this process that SEO experts identify the keywords and use them effectively in the target website’s content.
  • The websites with better utilization of keywords are more accessible for web users. That means these web sites are more likely to win the race.
  • Competition among different websites, which are known for the same services and products help SEO experts to rank a non-ranked website.

Online Competitive Environment for a Non-SEO website

  • A non-SEO website always remains out of the competition.
  • The content of these websites is created without focusing on the importance of keywords.
  • Without keywords, a website cannot survive the competition of those websites which initiate proper research on public needs and requirement.
  • No use of keywords means no competition. Moreover, without competition, these websites cannot attract ordinary web traffic just like sixdollaressay.com. In other words, the absence of web traffic means no business.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness or product or service awareness is one of the major benefits of SEO for any website. SEO helps websites to build its brand awareness in the following ways:

  • Effective SEO is a guarantee for more web traffic to your website. Every web user that lands on your web site pages become a potential source for your business advertisement.
  • When web users find a solution to their problem on your website, they are likely to become the ambassador of your product or service.
  • When visitors become satisfied with your business that may help your brand in winning public trust and enjoy their loyalty. Ultimately, the process is completed with the inception of a self-generated brand awareness campaign.

Non-SEO business and Brand Awareness

  • Without SEO work your business website cannot initiate a brand awareness campaign.

Lack of optimization of website content cannot attract web traffic. And without web users, your website is more likely to fail in initiating a brand awareness campaign.