September 23, 2023


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Contact Lenses or Eyeglasses – Dilemma Resolved


Some people do not find much benefits in contacts so they prefer prescription glasseswhile some are quite comfortable wearing contacts instead of glasses. Deciding between contact lenses and glasses is always a dilemma. The decision is not just based on the personal aesthetic appearance but there are lot more factors you need to consider as it can help you in making a more perfect choice. 

Like many of us even if you are confused about what to opt, glasses or contacts, then here is the list of factors you need to consider to make a fair choice.


So what kind of lifestyle do you lead? Is it active, super active, staying much indoor, staying much outdoors? The way you spend your day counts a lot while choosing between glasses and contacts. If you are more of a sporty or athletic person then contact lenses are highly recommended.


If you are involved in playing games, certainly glasses can be a hindrance as there is always a fear of the frames falling or breaking and you cannot focus on your game. Hence, contact lenses are the best choice.

However, if your work is related to computers, accounts, banking or something that involves sitting in an office, then prescription glasses could be a good option. In fact, if you work in front of computers for prolonged hours then glasses with blue light filters will be ideal as they will also prevent your eyes from digital eyestrain. 



What is your idea of comfort something that is flexible which can be easily worn or removed or something which fits in your eyes without causing any disturbance in viewing? If you are looking for unhampered peripheral vision, without worrying about any damage then contact lenses should be your choice. 

However, if you are afraid of putting anything in your eyes that causes irritation or discomfort then you can preferably go for glasses.  Make sure if you choose glasses, they are of good quality, neither too tight or loose so as to prevent pressure on ears, nose as that can cause a headache. 


Budget is something which you need to essentially consider when you have to choose between glasses and contacts.  Eyeglasses are pretty much like a one-time investment where you don’t have to keep on changing glasses until and unless it meets any damage. While, when it comes to contact lenses, there is always a re-order ritual to be followed. No matter, if you prefer wearing daily disposable contacts, bi-weekly or monthly, you have to re order. However, ordering in bulk can save you a lot of efforts and money.  

Glasses won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It is a better option for the long run. Even maintenance and cleaning is not an uphill struggle. Most of the high-quality prescription glasses are now easily available at discounted prices on online eyewear stores. You also get a chance to choose effortlessly from a plethora of styles.   

If you are still not able to decide between any of the two then why to choose? You can simply consider getting both. Glasses, as well as contact lenses, have their pros and cons. You can alternatively use contacts and glasses and enjoy the benefits of both.