June 5, 2024


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Cummins Power Generation For All Types Of Applications


Smart people look for ways of saving money while taking vacations. Instead of staying at expensive hotels, they like to take their vacations in the National Parks that have 130 destinations with overnight camping. RVing a park guarantees a lot of fun for a lot less.

The experience of camping in a stunning settings stays with the family for long. You can take your own groceries along and stay put at the park for the long weekend. Many parks have rivers or lakes passing through where you can catch fish and cook it for dinner. Visitors are welcome to use the picnic tables, public washrooms, showers and BBQ grills. If you have an RV get a generator for it so you can stay comfortable throughout the trip. Places that have full hookups allow you to enjoy water, electric, and sewer utilities.  Many people like primitive camping at their favorite scenic spots that are off-the-grid and for them a RV generator is most essential.


When it comes to diesel generators the most trusted brand for RVs is Cummins Onan. It is quieter than the National Park Service sound level requirements.  The most popular of the diesel generators made by Onan is their 12.5 kW diesel generator. It is ideal for larger RVs that have two air conditioners. If you are planning an RV trip with your family, make sure to get the right model for it. With a 12.5kW unit you can use as many as three 13500 BTU air conditioners at a time. The good thing about Cummins Power Generation

is that they have enabled their generators with self-diagnostic tools so you do not have to worry about troubleshooting.  The diesel models run quietly as they are equipped with an intake silencer and sound-controlling muffler. Noisy diesel generators can be used at home but for camping you will need a Cummins Onan generator that does not disturb your sleep.

For smaller RVs with only one air conditioner, the MicroQuiet 4000 watt generator will be just right. This model too is least noisy and is also CARB complaint. The small yet powerful model runs on gasoline and is lightweight as well.  Cummins also makes the propane generators for fifth wheel travel trailers, and Class A and Class C RVs. Propane RV generator models have the efficient sound dampening systems and produce very little vibration while working.

Cummins Onan makes a large variety of generators to suit all type of applications. Unlike other generator manufactures, Cummins offers planned maintenance and round-the-clock emergency service. Their large range of products serves the power needs of various industries. Commercial buildings, data centers, defense, healthcare, marine, mining, oil and gas industries find the brand more reliable due to its self diagnostics capabilities.

Home standby generators made by Cummins Onan are durable and reliable. The gas portable models can be used in a versatile way.  The online shops showcase all the latest models and you can benefit from technical guidance from the online dealers. This will allow you to come to an informed decision. The prices you find online are a lot lower than what you will pay at the brick and mortar store.