June 6, 2024


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Do You Read Little? Here We Tell You How To Read More


Habit of reading

Haven’t developed a reading habit yet and you’re already in college? Well, we have good and bad news for you:

The good news is that developing a reading habit is super easy and tremendously rewarding.

The bad news is that when you get the taste to read, you will be very sorry for having wasted so many years without doing it.

As we have already spoken several times about the importance of reading, we have recommended readings and we have talked about why reading is exciting, we are not going to repeat ourselves. What we are going to see now is, specifically, how to develop a reading habit.

The first step is the choice

Don’t settle for anything. It is important that you choose something appropriate for you in many ways:

If you practically never read or you just read what is shared on social media, start with something simple and brief. Look for a fantasy, romance, or adventure novel for young people. Another good choice for young readers is funny romance books.

If you are into horror, suspense or the detective genre, you will also have many hilarious novels to choose from. Find something that deals with a topic that you know you will like, thinking about the movies that you enjoy the most.


Never start with classics or rehearsals because those require a bit more stamina. The bestsellers are for all audiences and almost all levels; so start there.

Don’t buy yourself a gigantic novel. When a regular reader is faced with a 2,500-page novel by an author they like, they get excited. But if you’re not in the habit of reading, a book the size (and weight) of a brick can put you off. Look for something lighter.

Sagas can be great allies to develop a reading habit. If you see a novel to your liking that also has four or five sequels, don’t think about it: from now until you finish the story, you will be an inveterate reader.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can take this test to see if it helps you.

The second step is to find the moment

“I don’t read because I don’t have time” is an excuse that we all tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better. If you really don’t have time, how come you have seen the 8 seasons of Game of Thrones? (And speaking of sagas of literature …, this is not the best to start acquiring a habit. So that we understand each other, this is more for intermediate level than for beginners). We are not saying that you have to stop doing something that you like, but that when you like to do something, you find time to do it.


Get used to reading before going to sleep, on public transport, at that time that is free between two classes, in the library, in a park … It all sounds very bucolic, but the reality is that, unless you are alone and quiet, read in a public place it has its difficulties: you go on the bus and a child screams as he runs down the aisle, his father yells at him from the front seat, the one sitting next to you reeks of sausage and, in the background, a boy Unaware of the invention of headphones, he decides to liven up everyone’s trip with horrible music coming from his phone. You sit in the library and there are 50 more students here and there preparing for exams, pounding on computer keys like they’re trying to get something out of them, and they get up every five minutes dragging their chairs. You decide to go to a park and…, autumn has arrived!

Don’t worry: if you don’t have the concentration capacity of a fakir, earplugs will be your best ally. The important thing is that you find a place where you are comfortable and that you do it every day or at least 5 days a week.

Actually, once you start and if you like the novel, it will be difficult to stop.

The third step is to ritualize the reading

You have your book, your favorite place and a period of time ahead of you. Now is the time to turn this activity into a ritual. Why? Because reading makes us feel good, helps us to avoid problems and control stress, it is good for our brain, it increases our concentration, makes us do neural synapses, enhances our imagination and creativity, increases our vocabulary and our culture, teaches us to write better, prevents cognitive decline … and countless other advantages without any inconvenience, so, the sooner we have a reading habit, the better for us.

According to ghostwriting agency the human being is an animal of customs and rituals. If we get used to doing something one way, we may continue to do it that way for the rest of our lives; Therefore, you just have to work a little at first and you will see how later you cannot live without it.

Associate your time to read with pleasant things. Make yourself a tea or coffee, put on something comfortable, turn off the phone or mute the sound and get ready to enjoy. When you get used to it, instead of preparing everything as if you were going to have a romantic date with your book, you will treat it like a passionate lover with whom you will be ready for a “here I’ll catch you here I’ll kill you” as soon as you have two free minutes, But, as in any relationship, taking care of the beginnings is important.