June 6, 2024


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Effective Fat Burning Drinks Ideas and Recipes


Choosing a fat-burning cocktail based on your personal preferences is not difficult, and there are many types of products. It is selected from a network of pharmacy stands located in specialty markets (athlete’s food) that you can use creatively and use the usual products on the fridge shelf to complete the process yourself. The recipe for choosing a fat-burning cocktail on a professional website may depend on taste preferences and for you we have some fat burning drinks that will you to loose quickly.

Watermelon Cocktail:

In the summer, when you can buy a bottle on the shelf, you can enjoy a cocktail of berries that burn fat to maximize your body. In addition, on a hot day, he can cool well when he is thirsty. Watermelon has no skin or seeds. The soft portion (200 g) was mixed with kiwi. The unit is crushed in uniform. Use with ice.

Green Smoothie:

People who are still under control know the formula for this cocktail. It is prepared using a mixer. Put parsley in a bowl, kiwi, a few lemon slices and mint leaves. Pour water (100 ml) into all ingredients. Mix until smooth. This fat burning cocktail is very refreshing, but may seem sour to some people. Properly this shade can be a small amount of honey. You have to be careful because it contains a lot of calories.

Green vegetable products contain low calories, have a refreshing taste and contain many valuable, nutritious and non-toxic ingredients. The most important principle to follow when preparing a fat-burning cocktail is that the ingredients must be green.

Green, nutritious, fat-burning cocktails including apples, avocados, cucumbers and ginger. The excess density of the beverage can be adjusted to the desired consistency of the water. All this interrupts the pure homogeneous structure.

Emerald smoothie or fat burning cocktail with kiwi and avocado: avocado (0.5 fruit) with kiwi, green apple, salad. Achieve uniformity. Adjust the desired density with apple juice or water.


Pineapple Smoothie:

Exotic fruits are known for their ability to accelerate digestion and burn lipid layers. Pineapple drinks are not common in our region and have a nice taste. Take fresh pineapple slices for cooking, remove center and peel, add grapefruit pulp and honey (1 tsp). Before whipping, ice was added to the mixture and everything was mixed until it became porous. The beverages that burn fat are ready to drink.

Kefir Cocktail:

Dairy products have long been used in various diets. There is even a special diet Kaifei. Using a cup of dairy can help you feel hungry and drink. Nikol is consumed for a long time in the digestive tract due to its high protein content.

A big advantage is that dairy products are affordable in stores. Kefir (250 ml) was mixed with fresh cucumber and oatmeal (2 teaspoons) and chopped in a coffee grinder. The mixture was ground with a mixer and flavors were added using different flavors depending on taste. A refreshing scent is added to the mint cocktail.

Milk notes and peppers, spices. The spice stimulates the digestive process and eliminates toxic compounds.

Ginger and Lemon Cocktail:

Recently, people have learned the healing properties of the roots. Used as a supplement in tea or spices in marinated form. To lose weight, ginger is appreciated and appreciated. It is very useful for colds and prevention of infections. Overweight people also believe that their consumption will produce positive results. To prepare a fat-burning ginger cocktail, peel lemon, ginger (50 g) and grapefruit. Drinking a cup to someone may seem sour, in which case you can add honey (1 tsp). All components were ground and stirred with a mixer. If the mixture at the outlet is too thick, the suspension can be diluted with water. Add ice cubes before use.

Ginger promotes the production of cortisol, which is important for metabolic processes and the breakdown of proteins and fat. Improve the absorption capacity of the stomach wall. For weight loss, tea recipes are best for:

The ginger (about 8 cm) is mixed with lemon juice and mint leaves. All ingredients are poured into green tea. To increase the sweetness, honey is added.

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