June 5, 2023


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EliteGol: Best 5+ Alternatives to watch football online


Since the beginning of the pandemic, the first things to close were the sports stadiums, since they housed many people in each of their presentations. Because of them, many of us miss being able to watch the games of our favorite teams. That is why we present you EliteGol, a platform where you can watch the games for free.



Sitio web: elitegoltv.org

This page has a daily schedule, where you can see what time your favorite team plays. It has matches of the first division of Uruguay and the Liga MX.

It has 3 different sections, the first is Latin America where it has channels such as ESPN, Fox, Gol Perú Movistar. In the United States section it has channels such as Fox, Azteca, TUND, ESPN. On television in Spain it has channels such as La Liga TV, Movistar Deportes and Movistar Matchmaking,

Not only that you will be able to see other types of sports in EliteGol such as formula 1, wrestling, baseball and boxing.

You can also download it for your mobile or Tablet.

Other Alternatives to EliteGol

Below we show you several platforms where you can watch soccer and other sports online.



Sitio web: sportcategory.org

Compared to EliteGol, this platform has more sports to watch. Among the most viewed is soccer or football. It has more channels since you can watch Latin American, Spanish, American and Arab matches. Among the other sports that the platform handles you will be able to find. Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Boxing. They all have a single section where you can watch the following games or their calendar.

To play the games you just have to choose it and click.

TarjetaRoja – Similar to EliteGol


Sitio web: tarjetarojatvonline.sx

This website has a simple way to interact since it only has one option which is today’s schedule, there you can see all the available games. On the left side you can find the hours from the earliest to the end of the day, today the first started at 10:30 and the last was at 7:30. In the next section you will see where it is from. Mexico, Pero and Sweden.

In the middle part we can see the leagues that are played today and the teams that will meet, it warns you if the games are friendly or not. In the next section you will know in which language it will be broadcast, it has Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

Unlike EliteGol, you can have access to channels such as Gol Perú, Canal 87, Vtv and TDN. and you will be able to see it in a resolution of 720p and HD

Blim tv


Sitio web: blim.com

Compared to other websites such as EliteGol, Blind TV is a paid site but you can get more access to other channels such as series, soap operas, movies and television channels, you will have access to live soccer (available only in Mexico) such as the Olympic Games, the Copa América, La Liga MX and La Eurocopa. If you do not want to pay, you will have the option of being able to watch free channels where you can find some Liga MX football matches. The price of the monthly subscription is 109 Mexican pesos, you will have the option of creating up to 5 profiles within your monthly subscription.


This is a good alternative if you want a streaming platform where you can watch movies, and now you will have the option to watch your favorite games.

Futbol en vivo México

elitegol alternatives

Sitio web: futbolenvivomexico.com

This alternate web page to EliteGol can be chosen by country and will allow you to watch the matches on a channel in your region, you will have access to the Mexican League, La Liga, The Champions League, The Premier League, the Italian Serie A, among other

You can choose your favorite teams to receive the most relevant news from them and set reminders for all their matches, you can choose teams from Liga MX and concacaf.

This site has more than 10 sports channels including TV Azteca, ESPN, Fox Sport and TUDN.

Not only will you be able to find football, you will have the option of being able to watch Formula 1 races, NBA basketball or the European League and you will be able to watch baseball.

Like EliteGol, you can download this application on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

Gentlemen of Mexico you can change your time zone to receive the games according to your schedule and your region.


live match

Sitio web: partido-en-directo.com

Like EliteGol you can reproduce an endless number of soccer matches, it has recognized TV stations such as ESPN, FOX Sport and TUDN.

You can follow your favorite teams to receive news, days and times of matches, and follow the leagues that you like the most, such as the MX league and La Euro copa.

Like most platforms you can find sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and rugby. and if what you like are the fights you will be able to see Boxing and MMA.

You can watch the games in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French. If you miss your favorite game you will be able to watch the broadcasts on the day you want since it has a section called previous games.

You will be able to see matches of the Euro Cup, concacaf, the Champions League, America’s Cup and more.



Sitio web: tudn.com


This is the official website of one of the largest soccer distributors in Latin America and surprisingly you don’t need to pay to watch this match. As an alternative to EliteGol, you will be able to watch the match with an image or if you wish, just see the score on the screen. If you only want to see the score, you will have the option of knowing when a foul is commented, a good corner kick in some criminal cases.

You will be able to see the leaderboards of each of the leagues you want, you are seeing the score, the games won, the games lost and many other things.

Since this is an official platform you will be able to see relevant news of each League with players, you will be able to see the most important football shows such as the Ballon d’Or nominations.

You will have the option to listen to radio stations with the best sports broadcasters on this platform where you will find out all the relevant news from Liga MX and all the others.

You will be able to see the squads of the Mexican team or the US team and the movements that their squads, training sessions and injuries have.


Sitio web: goltelevision.com

Unlike EliteGol this site has outstanding news about both European and Latin soccer which helps to know everything about world soccer.

It has several channels which are responsible for giving a little fun to all relevant news, its most significant channels are Laliga ZAP and GOLAZO del GOL.

You can find a TV guide section where you can view all the games that will take place on these days, the transmission channels and the schedules.

You will be able to see all the matches in the section to watch live, where you will find all the matches that are currently played live.



Sitio web: dazn.com

Unlike other platforms such as EliteGol, this is a paid platform with a monthly cost of 15 dollars, it is available for Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, video game consoles, and many more.

Mainly this is a boxing platform, where you can see all the fights of the moment, you will find relevant news sections, podcast about the fights of the week.

You will wonder why we show you this if we are talking about good football because this platform also has a football section where, as in boxing, you can find different uses. Their most watched competition is the champions league, they have women’s matches something that other platforms do not.

As in EliteGol, they not only have these sports they also handle navigation, where you can see the most important competitions of this sport.

As I said before, this is a boxing platform so you can see documentaries about the most relevant boxers in this world, you can view boxing files like fights from past years.

It also has a shows section where, as its name says, you can see the most relevant and significant programs of these sports. Very different from EliteGol.

The leagueSportsTV – Similar to EliteGol


Sitio web: laligasportstv.com

This is a sports platform that is too big since it has more than 10, among the most common are basketball, handball, soccer, futsal and mixed martial arts, to be more specific it has 35 sports.

On its main page it has the option to have past matches, it shows you the times in which they were broadcast, the days they are, La Liga, the teams that face each other and the time it takes for the match.

It has a section of coming soon where you can see the competitions that will be in the next few days, in this case you will find the gymnastics competitions in Spain, which shows the date of the competition, the time it will be broadcast and the place where it will be broadcast, as you see it with EliteGol.

If you log in to this platform, you will be able to access the recommendations for you and based on the sports you frequently watch, they will recommend you to watch competitions that may be to your liking from football, basketball, gymnastics and chess.

It also shows you summaries of different leagues and years you can find matches from 1998 to date, you can see your favorite players play.

If you like to watch men’s football, you can find the League of the Women’s First Division, mainly of the VCF.

Like EliteGol you will be able to see the programming of many sports daily with this you will be able to make the time to see the game that you have waited so long for, the final that you hope your team wins.



Sitio web: arenavision.site

On this website you can find different sports including football, cycling and basketball.

You will be able to see the most relevant news of each sport such as the champion of the Eurocup 2020 and the champion of the American cup, you will be able to see all the Tour de France of both Formula 1 and cycling.

It has more than 40 channels where you can watch each game or competition on a different channel, some of them can only broadcast certain sports and some others, like in EliteGol, you can watch different sports on them.

Like other sites, you can download this application for your Smartphones since it is available for the App Store and Play Store. If what you want is to have it on your PC, it is also available for Windows and Mac OS.


batman stream

Sitio web: batman-stream.com

On this site you can find different sports including soccer, basketball, American football and rugby.

You will be able to watch the matches live in the live stream section, you will be able to find today’s schedules, the sport that will be played, the League in which it is and the teams that will play.

Since it has most of the leagues, a day you will be able to see various games and competitions and if you have missed 1 of them you will be able to see the repetition is the day you want since there is a section of it, similar to EliteGol.

If you want to receive sports news, you can join the reddit channel on this page where you will be informed of all the daily news. links to the most important games in the leagues.

In each 1 of the games you will have the option of live comments, where you can interact with the other followers and share your points of view or how you think the game. So you can live with the other fans and get to know some of them.

Like most pages, you can also download this for your smartphone, tablet or smart tv. Since you can find the App Store and Play Store. You can also find it for Windows and Mac OS from a download link from the official website. You can find a section on ROKU TV and FIRE TV.

Elitegol – Conclusions

These are the best options to be able to watch the soccer matches you want, as well as you will be able to see more sports on EliteGol and other platforms. and you will certainly have the best video quality. and the option to improve it if you download its applications.

If what you want is to be able to see a movie you discover about a match, we will show you an option in this article.

This article in Spanish.