May 24, 2024


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EstrenosGo: 8 Alternatives to Download Movies

estrenos go

At some point we have all wanted to have a home theater but we have always thought about where to get the movies, so we bring you EstrenosGo and some other options.

There are free and paid options so you can watch your favorite movies and series from home. All you need is a stable internet connection and want to have fun.

If some of the following EstrenosGo alternatives are not of your interest, we recommend that you visit a more extensive list in the following article.



EstrenosGo was at some point one of the most important digital platforms since it was a distributor of free audiovisual content. We could find billboard movies and some of the audience’s favorites, we could also view our favorite series with a very good video quality.

But not only that we could download games like GTA 3 and Battlefield 3, totally free music from our favorite artists like Travis Scott and AC DC and software used for school and office like Word and Photoshop.

On April 27, 2021 this site closed or which is out of service and that is why we show you some alternatives to have a very fun afternoon.




It is one of the most complete sites like EstrenosGo since here you can also watch movies in 4K quality like the king of Scotland. You can also have series in HD quality and they have people’s favorites like the Simpsons and Xcompany with more than 28,000 movies and more than 7,000 series.

With a section for documentaries with more than 1000 options to choose from, we already talked about music, it has an approximate of 7000 songs to download. And not only that, you can find games for your PC like Assassin’s Creed and games for your favorite consoles like Xbox, here you can download games like Battlefield.

It differs from EstrenosGo with a varied section where you can find programs for your computer such as Photoshop or Fl studio, undoubtedly one of the most complete programs on the entire Internet. And if what you want is to hire a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify, this site has incredible discounts for you from € 15 for a year.

If what you want is to have DonTorrent on your mobile device you can enter the Telegram channels where you will receive the most important news of this platform, if you want to do it from your computer you can download an extension for Chrome.



estrenosgo alternative


Like EstrenosGo, this is a Torrent for which it has different varieties of movies with daily updates. With an approximate of 13,000 films in different qualities from HD to 720 P, if we talk about that, you are not far behind since it has more than 1900 series and a total of 22,500 episodes and not only that, but they have series in HD. which are a total of 244 with a total of more than 2700 episodes.

In this you can download games for your favorite consoles such as PlayStation two, PSP, PC, Xbox 360, Wii U and Nintendo DS, titles such as FIFA, weapon 3, ARK and DOOM 3. All special for sports where you can download box fights racing Formula 1 football matches such as Euro Cup and NBA All-Star Game games.

From these sites like EstrenosGo and MejorTorrent, you can download your favorite programs to your computer such as Illustrator, anime Studio Pro and for some people it is an Android emulator for Windows available from Windows seven to the current one. Teresa is the Music you can download complete AC / DC albums and find playlists focused on Guns N ‘Roses and if you are interested in finding new music you can download the best Hits of 2020 and 2021.

Like other sites, it offers a premium subscription to digital streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Spotify with a price of € 17.90.


estrenosgo alternative


Unlike EstrenosGo and the previous alternatives, it only has movies and series, in them it has new movies like Godzilla versus Kong And some older ones like no return.

It has a special section for Netflix original movies and series in it you can find movies like the end of all documentaries such as movies and series like La casa de papel with its four seasons, these are constantly updated to add new episodes. It has a trends section where the most seen on this platform is shown, one of them is Wonder Woman and Tom and Jerry.

The genres that this platform handles are quite a few among the most sought-after are animation, horror and comedy, they have a video quality of HD 1080 P. They have a search engine by alphabet and so you can find your movies more easily by searching your movie with the first letter of its title.


As I said before, EstrenosGo and TorrentPelis are free platforms and therefore it has a section for donations so that they can bring quality to this space.


download torrent


This site contains updated movies like the Simpsons, the movie titles are on the left side and on the right side it can show you the genre it belongs to and the time it takes for this movie. It also has series from both Netflix and other platforms, one of the most visited is the island’s mafia and the world to come.

The site has HD video resolution on all its movies and series, a 3D definition on some new movies. Unlike Estrenosgo you have the option of being able to make a recordable DVD. As in most of the previous sites, it has download programs such as Office professional plus of 2016. You have the option of being able to register to the Telegram group to be able to receive daily news updates about the cinema and recent episodes of your favorite series at You can still receive movies like Wonder Woman 1984 as EstrenosGo.

You can purchase Netflix subscriptions for a price of 14.99 euros per year, this being a very low cost for this streaming platform.




Like EstrenosGo you could download different movies and series, the difference is that now you can download games.

It has endless movies with the best qualities among them is 4K, HD and 720P among the most viewed movies is fare and trigger point has a huge catalog since it has more than 28,000 movies waiting to be downloaded and views.

And with the series they are not left behind since like the movies they have an excellent resolution in 4K, HD and 720 P among the most outstanding series we can find in the Simpsons and Legends, this platform has more than 8000 series available all with new chapters every week.

And of course, as EstrenosGo also has documentaries with excellent video quality in 4K and HD in them, it is one of the most viewed trips to space, it has more than 8000 documentaries which will entertain you too much.

If what you are looking for is music, you will find too many songs to your liking since you can download complete albums such as Lovesong and playlists with the Kids of each decade from the 90s to 2020, with more than 7000 songs available to you.

If you are a video game lover you can find different titles for your PC, PlayStation two, PSP and Xbox 360, you can find titles such as metal slug three, they carry two among others, it has more than 4100 titles to download.




Unlike Estrenosgo, this site only has the option of being able to download movies without series and other types of applications like the previous ones.

Download old movies like Hitch from 2005 or new movies like fast and furious 9 from 2021, you can find movies from the year 1957 with the movie Witnesses for the Prosecution.

All the films that are in Pelitorrent and EstrenosGo are translated into Spanish from the oldest film to the newest are in this language.

This page has a 4K ultra HD video resolution and HD quality, depending on the movie you choose, the quality you get will be.

Like most pages such as EstrenosGo, it has the sale of premium subscriptions to Spotify for € 14 and Disney + for only € 10

Your search engine can be by letter of the alphabet, by the year it was published or the genre that is either romance, comedy or action.

I recommend this site more if you want to see past movies like The Matrix or George of the jungle since it does not have so many updates to have movies on the billboard or from a few years ago.




With this website you can find endless new movies as pray for us you can also find movies from years ago like the black widow or older titles like Hank.

Like Estrenosgo, you will have the option of having Netflix series like Atypical with its fourth season available, and series like complete Flash and if you want older series you can find all the chapters of Grey’s Anatomy.

This site has a good resolution since you can watch your favorite movies in 3D HD and your series in HD resolution, you can also make recordable DVD to be able to have all your favorite movies and series saved at home.

Like many, it has for sale in premium subscriptions to platforms such as Netflix, Spotify and Amazon Prime video, all of these have a cost of € 15 a year.

And if you want to have all the movie news and series on your cell phone, you can subscribe to Telegram groups and get the daily news, and you can watch movies from your cell phone.

Risks of using EstrenosGo

How do you know, downloading any type of files from the internet can bring a certain number of risks, many of them contain adware, what it brings with it is nothing more than simple advertising. and in some extreme cases these torrent like EstrenosGo contain malware with a hidden cryptocurrency mining service.

And although I know that more than 90% of the programs that can be downloaded from these torrent contain a type of virus, people continue to use them, since it is a free option. But illegal since these do not have the necessary sales permits for distribution.

If what you want is to see the series or movie that has just come out, I would recommend you wait a bit since mainly they contain more risks due to the hype that is within them. Before downloading something, read the comments because if it contains viruses, the people who have downloaded it will comment on it, including EstrenosGo and other platforms.

Remember that at least in Mexico these actions are illegal. According to article 224 of the federal penal code, you can spend from 3 to 10 years in prison and from 2 thousand to 20 thousand days of fine to anyone who produces, reproduces, stores, sells or leases copies of works, films, video games or books without authorization. of the holder.

Conclusions- EstrenosGo

For me, the EstrenosGo website was one of the best in the time it was in operation, since a large percentage of its files were not corrupted, which gave it the reputation of being a good option.

Unfortunately at the moment the page does not work and we have to resort to other alternatives such as TodoTorrent and without a doubt in these sites we can find uncorrupted files, just remember to do them with the assurance that it can bring danger.

If you want to avoid risk, it is always better to buy these movies or software with the security of having a virus-free PC, but each of us can decide to take a risk and use sites like EstrenosGo.

This page does not encourage the downloading, sale or distribution of pirated software, video games, books or movies.