April 21, 2024


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Everything To Know About A Motivated Seller


Do you want to get rid of your property? Do you want to sell more property in less time? Do you want to sell property in a timely fashion, and below market value? Then its time to take a look at the motivated seller.

Real estate is a broad term, and in a broad world, there is a lot of hullaballoo in real estate about motivated sellers. But what is a motivated seller? What is the most common motivated seller leads? Is it simply a ploy to get buyers and sell a property or to offer something… or anything like?

Let’s take a broad look at this real estate hullaballoo.

What is a motivated seller?

Simple put like this “a motivated seller is a property owner who is highly motivated to sell.” They are individual homeowners who are in a hurry to get rid of their property. Their main aim is to sell the property in a timely fashion even at the cost of selling below the market value due to one or the other reason. What’s more interesting is, motivate sellers are gold to real estate investors. There is no rocket science behind this; the theory is very simple. The more the owner is motivated to sell the property, the better deal an investor can get for the property. The burden of getting rid of the property will lend them in a situation of selling cheaper, compelling to access the services of investors. The motivated seller is all about “make me move,” “bring the best offers.”


Now that you have an idea about what is a motivated seller; let’s take a look at the most common motivated seller leads in the world of real estate.  


Motivated leads:

The extent to which an individual property owner is motivated to sell the property highly depends on the reason for selling. There are numerous reasons an owner can become a motivated seller. Here are a few:

Sellers looking for relocating

Job relocating, losing a job, or getting a new job can be the most common reason for motivation to the seller. It is not uncommon to buy a home before fixing the current living situation; however, dealing between two mortgages can be problematic; it is something the average person can’t manage. To avoid taking the second mortgage, motivated sellers are highly motivated to knock a few dollars below market value.

Sellers facing personal issue

As it says, a motivated seller is someone motivated to sell is highly pressured to sell the property based on the factors of what is happening in their personal life. The factors dynamically vary between homeowners, but the goal remains the same. Unfortunate events like divorce, financial crisis, the passing of loved ones, probate, or any such situations can motivate an owner to sell the property quickly. So property investors who are looking for the best deal if they can find out the right motivation reason can end up with some great deals.

At the risk of foreclosure

Foreclosure can be the most common reason for motivation. It is a legal process in which a lender takes back an unpaid property or possession. When the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments, the lender will file foreclose. Default payment is just one reason for foreclosure other reasons are a balloon mortgage, fraud, underwater mortgages, property tax delinquency, failure of insurance companies to pay claims, income tax issues, etc. All these are reasons that can bring foreclosure and motivate the seller.

Wrap up!

In a nutshell, the benefits of motivated sellers can be overlooked or underestimated in the real estate world. If you are engaged with real estate events in Houston, go and check Real Acquisition. They provide the best in class platform to find motivated sellers in Houston.