September 27, 2023


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Fanpelis: 11 Alternatives to Watch Movies Online


If you’ve ever wanted to have an afternoon of movies but don’t have a streaming service like HBO or Amazon Prime, Fanpelis and its alternatives are websites to watch movies online for free.

With the arrival of the global pandemic that still plagues the world, free movie alternatives have had enormous importance in entertainment and that is why we present several of them.

If these Fanpelis alternatives are not of your interest, we recommend you visit a more extensive list in this article.




This option of free movies has genres, an action, horror, history among others, and one of its most prominent films at the moment is Redsnow.

It has original Netflix series like Dark, and other options like we are. It has an anime section that is mostly translated into Spanish, some of them have subtitles and you can find titles like mini tojo.

This site has search engines based on the years from 2000 to 2020 which makes it easier to find movies, another of its search engines is by country has Argentine, Mexican, German films, among others. It has options for the most viewed movies and the ones most valued by visitors.

Alternatives to Fanpelis to watch movies online

Here is a list of alternatives to Fanpelis to watch movies online. It is important to take the information judiciously and avoid downloading and watching movies with copyright infringement.




This website has several catalogs of movies like Mine And Fantastic Beasts. It has a section on Netflix original series like we are but you have different series like the 100 or Rick and Morty. Like other platforms, it has the reproduction of anime translated into Spanish, one of its most relevant is One piece.

Compared to Fanpelis, you have the option of being able to reproduce complete sagas such as King Kong, Avengers and the fast and furious, all of them translated into Spanish and complete.

All movies, series and anime have a resolution of 1080P And they are all in the Spanish language. It has a search engine for old movies from the year 1933 to date.

Also you can find anime movies on mangastream.

PV New

fanpelis alternatives

Website: PV Video

Unlike Fanpelis, this is not a website as such, it is an application available for Android where you can see endless movies like the end of everything and a crazy love. Not only that but it has new series like Loki and Elite with renewed episodes every week. Like the previous ones, it has anime series such as Naruto and Edens zero.

This application has a section for Netflix productions where, as its name indicates, you will only find original series and movies from this streaming service, one of the most viewed in this application is the paper house, which has four seasons. This site have an option to request new movies and these have to be voted on by the public.


The video quality is different in each film since it can vary from 440 p to 1080 P, it has a subscription option to have movies at a better video quality, reaching up to 4K.


alternatives fanpelis

Alternative: Movie!+

Like Fanpelis, this is an application for Android that has movies in Spanish and English, its most viewed titles are the great teacher and the princess of Rome.

In the series section it has two options, the first is series where you will find titles such as Colosio and in the second they are telenovelas where you will find titles such as neighbors and Betty the ugly. In this application, you have the option of watching your recent movies or series in case you fell in the middle of a Breaking Bad episode or left your favorite soap opera in the middle.

Like the others, it has a section for anime where you can find titles such as Ajin and Blodd C.

It also has a section for animated cartoons where you will find ben 10 and spongebob. It has varied genre filmmakers with recommendations appropriate to your profile based on films that you have seen before or those that interested you.

Pluto TV

pluto tv


Unlike all the previous applications such as Fanpelis, this one has open television and you can find movies divided by entertainment genre such as Naruto and Latin novels. It has a section of curiosities where you can find stories from overseas and in sports you will have everything from football to wrestling. Its comedy section has channels such as Comedy Central and MasterChef Argentina. In the children’s section you can find channels like Nick Junior, they have a music section where you can find MTV.

All of them have a schedule between half an hour and an hour, you can watch the week’s transmissions by entering the guide menu and you will find the schedules of your favorite series.

Like Fanpelis, it also has movies that you can watch at any time without having to wait to be broadcast on live TV.

Pluto TV can be used from a browser like Chrome, installed on an Android device from the Play Store and downloaded on an Apple device from the App Store, it can also be downloaded on a Smart TV, in this way you can enjoy your series and Favorite movies in good resolution and clear for free.





Another alternative to Fanpelis is Pelisgratishd. As its name says, this site has a high definition video in HD, it has an endless number of movies organized in different sections. The first one is recommendations where you can find movies like Cruella, Spirit and luca.

It has a section of new and updated series where you can find Netflix series such as elite and Lupine, if these are not of your interest you can find series such as jiva and loki. At the bottom of its search panel it has a section of the Top of movies and one with the Top of series. In this site you can find genres such as action, animation and superheroes, you can find releases from 2021 like the spell three and fast and furious nine.

This one has a section of dramas and animes that are mostly translated into Spanish, finding titles like boys are better than flowers and Naruto.


download torrent


This website has a special section for movie billboards where the movies that are currently on the billboard are shown as you pray for us. It also has a recently added section, this may have movies from the previous section or old movies like Jurassic World two. Like Fanpelis, they also have a series section where they have Netflix series such as Luis Miguel, they also have a catalog of other types of series such as the Good doctor and Grey’s Anatomy. It has a special section for the recommended movies of the month, this recommendation is one of the most viewed movies on the page, currently the first place is fast and furious nine.

It has various types of movie and series genres that feature action, songs, and crime. Unlike Fanpelis, it has a search engine with movies since 1963 where we can find movies like the sword in the stone and more recent titles in the 2021 search engine such as Spirit. It has a search section by country so you can find films from Mexico like us nobles and Argentine films, it will allow you to find German, Chilean and other countries films.




Cuevana has varied genres among them is action, romance, terror, crime and adventure. Its section of films is similar to Fanpelis and is divided into four sections, the first of which is premieres and, as its name says, they are recently released films, the second of them is a ranking where you can see the most voted films.

In third place are the most viewed where, as its name indicates, they are the films with the highest visits on the platform, finally there are films where the entire catalog is without any type of filter, here you can find films such as Black Widow and Seven.

As in movies, the series are divided by the same four sections but one more episodes are added where you can find the most visited episodes of each series, all series are updated frequently. Here you can find Netflix original series and some others such as Lavarage and Gossip Girl.

Unlike Fanpelis and other free streaming applications, this platform has three different languages in its films and series, it has English, Latin Spanish and finally, Castilian Spanish without a doubt a large catalog of movies awaits us in this platform.

If you start watching a series and do not have time to finish it, you can log into the platform and your record of the chapters in which you stayed or in which moment of the movie you paused will be saved, this is very helpful for those who do not count with enough time to see a full movie.




Filmen Latino is a website where you can watch Mexican movies, series and short films. In the sections you can find similarities in movies with Fanpelis, such as the most relevant ones on this page, for example compadre Mendoza and let’s go with Pancho Villa.

Against one portrayed with the name actor director, this refers to the fact that the main actors also said this film as Diego Luna with Julio César Chávez and Ángeles Cruz with the film Arcángel.

You can also find movies for children with various films and short films such as my mustaches and one of the most watched films in Mexico, the legend of the mummies of Guanajuato.

If what interests you are romance movies, you can find movies like take my hand and Elena’s letters. It has application channels where you can find various points of conversation between people. If what interests you are the series, they also have some such as photocopiers and day by day. This account has the option of being able to download on your smartphone since it is available for Android and iOS.




PelisPedia is too simple a website and similar to Fanpelis. Since it only has a catalog of movies and series but without a doubt we will be able to spend an afternoon of fun. we can find series like loki and lupine the latter with episodes updated to the new season.

The movies it has are new like army of the dead and cruella, unlike the other platforms it has a plus option where you can find higher quality movies and some more recent ones. It has movies translated into Spanish and some are subtitled, a definition of HD video at 1080 P. One of the cons of this is that you can only watch the movies within the application since it does not have the option to download.


disney plus


Entering the realm of correctness, it is better to put Fanpelis aside. For this we show you Disney Plus. If you want to watch animated pixar movies, superhero movies, intergalactic battles or just some documentaries about your favorite animals, the best option is Disney Plus since it has a too extensive catalog.

Without a doubt we have all wanted to remember the movies that our childhood accompanied us, to see all those princesses who found their prince charming, to see those superheroes who have saved the world thousands of times. we can find movies like mulán, soul and the lion king. if what interests you are series like Diary of a Future President, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Stargirl.

Fanpelis – Security Measures

Downloading torrents is a dangerous activity, since sometimes users download viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious software in conjunction with torrenting, therefore the risk is for all those who use such platforms.

Fanpelis – Legal Issue

As in any torrent website, using platforms such as Fanpelis without having the authorization of the authors of the films is illegal, for this you must take this information with discretion and avoid downloading copyrighted materials.

Conclusions – Fanpelis

One of the differences it has with Fanpelis and the other platforms is that it is paid, it has monthly payments of 159 pesos or annual payments of 1,599 pesos but therefore it has higher visual and auditory quality, it can be installed on smartphones, consoles, tablets, laptops and televisions. You have the option of up to 5 different profiles for each of the family members.