April 16, 2024


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Get Creative & Create The Most Amazing Looks With Coloured Contact Lenses


Decorating the face and eyes is not something new. It has been a practice that goes centuries back. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans used to decorate their eyes and face to beautify their facial appearance. I don’t have the slightest of idea what they used as makeup but if movies and pictures are any reference then they used some sort of a paint or powder to enhance their appearance

Fast forward to this 21st century and we are still beautifying our facial appearance to catch  more attention, albeit different method. Our methods of creating amazing looks usually involves makeup cosmetics such as creams and powders and the use of glasses and contact lenses.


We have seen different methods of facial makeup among women and many men. The use of face powder has been very common for makeup. Alongside that the use of eye shadows and mascara is also very popular. Individuals have been using different colours and shades of makeup powder and eye shadows to create different amazing looks. Even with the increase in the use of coloured contact lenses the use of makeup cosmetics is there to stay.


You would see some outrageous makeup for Halloween and Cosplay. That too with coloured contact lenses, people use some bold makeup to create really wild and freaky looks for Halloween. All of this is made possible with the help of coloured lenses and some magic makeup.


Glasses provide the easiest way to enhance your lifestyle and look more fashionable when you step out. Glasses have been there for as long as I can remember. While the styles and preferences have changed with time, the device has remained as popular as ever.

Even with the increase in the use of coloured contact lenses, sunglasses and other fashion wear play a huge part in lifestyle of this generation. Every day we get to see some new style of glasses, whether they are being used for prescription purposes or as sunglasses. And you cannot deny the fact that these glasses look really great. So people have found something new, where they wear coloured contact lenses under their glasses or sunglasses. Under the glasses the eye colour look more attracting. And users also use sunglasses when they leave their homes to enhance their look and when they reach their workplace they just take off their glasses and surprise their collegues and friends with coloured lenses.


Coloured Contact lenses

There was a time when coloured contact lenses were only used by actresses and actors on film sets. The contact lenses that us normal guys had were the regular contact lenses used for correcting vision. But not anymore, with the advancement in technologies we have all the coloured contact lenses for us to wear to our heart’s content. Coloured contact lenses like the black contact lenses are easily available in our favourite online and physical stores.

Coloured contact lenses sit on top of the iris and enhance the eye colour or just change it completely. That is due to the different tints used on coloured contact lenses. So why not discuss these coloured tints in detail

  • Enhancement tint — The first type are the enhancement tint that add more definition to the edges of the iris. That is why they are called enhancement tints, they enhance the colour of your eyes. These are translucent tints and they blend in with the natural colour of the eye. Because they are translucent they can only be used on  light coloured eyes.  .
  • Opaque tint — These tints are solid and opaque, they cover the iris of your eye completely. Because of that your eye colour is hidden behind the coloured lenses. This changes the eye colour to whatever coloured contact lenses you are wearing. Many coloured contact lenses that are used for Halloween costume are all opaque contact lenses.

The coloured contacts used by film actors to produce special effects in their eyes and get a fantasy look, use these coloured contact lenses. Mainly they are opaque, especially in science fiction and fantasy movies the use of coloured contact lenses is very common. Like the white walkers or the maleficent, they all used coloured lenses. 

Safety tips with coloured contact lenses

While you are looking to make a fashion statement and finding different ways to look crazy for Halloween and cosplay convention with the coloured contact lenses.

Make sure you are following the safety guidelines for Halloween contact lenses in order to have a safe night. Always get a prescription to get the right type of lens for your eyes. Also, remember never to share your lenses with anyone nor sleep with them at night. Stay safe while you are enjoying your day with coloured contact lenses.