September 24, 2023


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Is it True that Google Ads are so Good for Business?

google ads business

The Internet is the best place to make purchases. But for a project to be successful, it needs advertising. There are many ways to advertise on the virtual network. Choosing the best option for your business can be difficult. Some companies try to go in different directions. They make interesting offers to their customers in social networks and on the sites of partners, offering unexpected gifts or flowers online for free delivery, thereby promoting their goods/services. Probably businesses need to expand their presence, reducing the risks of working in only one contextual system. But many people prefer Google Ads, considering it an optimal marketing tool. Let’s find out if this is true.


A Form of Inbound Marketing from a Famous Brand

google ads business

Google’s huge reach is an undeniable advantage. You can hear the phrase “Google it” in response to all kinds of questions everywhere. Five billion queries a day is normal for the largest search engine. That kind of scale is a fortune for advertisers who are interested in audiences all over the world. Google Ads bring in 80% of the corporation’s revenue. But most importantly, Google Ads impressions are based on user interest. It uses data about the search activity of specific people. The tool from Google acts effectively, offering users information about what is of interest to them.


Instant Effect and Useful Integration

Google Ads is much faster than SEO to increase the visibility of a site and promote it in search queries. Once connected, ad links bring almost instant results. Start showing ads and abandon organic positioning with sluggish keyword density research on the landing page. You can get all the information you need by integrating with Google Analytics. With such a combination is easier to identify the sources of traffic, find out the conversion rate of the site and track its overall effectiveness. You will be able to pay more attention to the study of advertising expenses in terms of sales, considering customer activity and business potential.

The Purely Financial Side of the Issue

For many, the serious negative of Google Ads is their cost. Especially for ad campaigns with a lot of competition when you pay per click. A browser user activates an ad, the cost of which depends on the competitiveness of the phrase, and you pay. If your account runs out of money, the ads stop. But Google offers different options for businesses. To get a particular result and profit from your advertising campaign, you need to choose the best strategy when buying ads. 

  • pay per click; 
  • payment per 1000 impressions of one ad; 
  • payment per action. 

If you want to increase ROI, focus on the most important actions and pay only for them. Be careful to switch off unnecessary features in time. Setting up this Google tool correctly is the key to success. Focus on what you need to accomplish in your sales funnel. Get your budget right, and then your Google Ads campaign is sure to do you good.