June 7, 2024


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Google’s Time-Saving New Shortcuts Exposed


When we say Google is introducing something new, it means the technology giant is optimizing the old algorithms. But this isn’t everything to know in today’s smart world. 

In recent years, Google has already boomed the tech world and kept introducing too many innovations that we have never thought of. 

Let’s explore how Google has recently transformed browsing and daily activities with its time-saving .new shortcuts. 

New Shortcuts Are Everything to Know 

Last year, Google stepped with the most reliable and time-saving shortcut that impacted the entire tech market. 

New shortcuts are something you should really know. Google’s attempt to introduce these shortcuts have not only optimized daily work activities but also transformed user experience to a great extent. 

Now, creating a word document is too easy for everyone. You don’t have to open your drive and click on the range of options just to create a separate doc file. With Google’s new feature, you can simply make a doc file without wasting single more second. 

Just type doc.new in the URL bar, and here you easily create a new doc file. Isn’t this an interesting yet time-saving shortcuts that have been missing for so long?


Not only limited to creating essential documents, but Google is also continuously progressing in bringing more reliable shortcuts that are definitely life-changing. 

If you are trying to view a list on eBay, then type sell.new. This shortcut will redirect you to its homepage where the buyers can easily buy their favorite stuff without any hassle. 

Are you a programmer and wish to see Github’s repository? Simply type repo.new. 

Want to create a new playlist and podcast? Type playlist.new in the URL and there you go. 

There are many other shortcuts that you may not aware of but are interesting to help you avoid typing glitches. However, Google is ready to further add in the list the options that you expect to see for providing a more reliable and time-saving experience to its users. 

Just like traditional domains, .new sites also have HTTPS enabled. This means that these sites are encrypted between the browser and the server. 

Is there still a chance to contribute to Google’s innovations?


When Google introduced the shortcuts in the market, it also made the audience aware of the period in which they can take benefit from the feature. The registration period was started on December 2nd, 2019, when the organizations were called to optimize their domains with .new shortcuts. 

The sad part is that the registration period has closed now. Google hand-picked a few registrants from the list and provided them with the ease to use the shortcut. This practice was somehow a real opportunity for many websites, but it is too late to say anything now. 

One of the reasons for opting this options was to save user’s time. As you can also see that whenever you type a shortcut in the URL, you are going a few steps further – that’s a time-saving approach. 

Well, do you find something getting too odd with New Shortcuts? 

Domains are always a better option to take the target audience to the static pages. But, as .new shortcuts have already become a growing interest for many online businesses, it is just letting domains work ineffectively. 

Hong Kong B2B trade sites have domains, and it is quite challenging for the manufacturers to hold on the innovation and watch others going to that way. But it will not affect the company too. This is because the importance of domain will never fade away and that innovations are more effective for the websites which are not business-based – the same as we are trying to convey. 

If you have not registered for .new shortcut, then there is no need to worry about anything. You can still operate the website and generate valuable leads for counting profits. 

Final Thoughts 

Google is always a step ahead in winning the hearts of its users. Sadly, there are many websites which have not succeeded in the race of getting the registry made on time. But of course, losses are not always about giving up; more opportunities can bring success to you. 

It is still surprising for many of us that the biggest tech company has again marked an intelligent move in the century which not only brings reliable experience but also increases optimization as well.