May 21, 2024


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How GST is going to levy a mark on insurance premium

gst insurance

There is a saying change is a constant feature and it is a valid one. A change in one area would have a considerable impact on the other region. An increase of 3 % GST in insurance is bound to have an impact on the industry in a major way. For sure their impact when it comes to For sure their impact when it comes to GST on insurance premiums would be on the higher side.

More about GST?

GST is referred to as goods and service tax that contributes to a reform in the indirect tax plan of the country. Though it was passed in the year 2016, the final phase of implementation was in the year 2017. As per the latest update GST is to the tune of 18 %. This is going to have a major impact on the insurance domain particularly when it comes of insurance premium. It is not applicable to an existing policy but even when it comes to the purchase of a new policy online.


The deciding factor when it comes to premium

The amount of premium is dependent upon the insurance plan that you choose. A life insurance plan is split into four categories and the premium amount would be different for each of them.

An ideal way for an insurance buyer

It is fundamental than an individual goes on to protect his or her life. This is going to be the case if an individual is a sole bread winner in the family. A  life insurance plan more so the term ones work out to be the life insurance ones. Such type of policies provide the best coverage and would compensate you. What it means is that even if you are not there is a policy to take care of the needs of your family.

When you are  purchasing an insurance plan give due consideration to the variants of the policy. It is going to include the inclusions exclusions, policy term, coverage and the amount of premium. Take note of the fact that a premium should not be the only point when you are purchasing a health insurance plan. Otherwise you would under cover your family that they deserve in the case of any form of unfortunate event striking your family.


A lot of credit accrues to the cut throat competition when it comes to insurance premium as most of them strive to provide the best form of insurance plans to their clients. it is going to be of considerable help to them when the question of their financial future.

It is suggested that you draw a comparison, shop around and comply with the needs of an insurance plan as per your structure and requirement. Have a reasonable budget in place not only for you but your family as well.

The link between GST rule and a life insurance business

Companies like care health insurance lays emphasis on a couple of points that is savings along with risk coverage. On the premium amount the service tax is levied. As per the GST rules any form of GST levied on life insurance sector has to be taken accordingly.

  • The gross premium has to be reduced by half the amount that would be allocated for savings on behalf of the policy holders
  • When the question of single premium annual policies emerge a 10 % of a single premium needs to be charged from a policy holder.

An increase in GST has a major role when it comes to the question of implementation. It has led to increase in expenditure relating to endowment and term insurance plans. A policy holder is liable to gain benefits if an insurer ends up providing an input tax benefit. It is seen that the GST turns out to be complex and for an insurance buyer a difficult situation arises. If the policy holder is confused about GST and their increase or decrease in prices any solvency along with the financial strength would have a major impact.

At a generic level an overall insurance sector would be subject to impact. Once GST is implemented it would be applicable to the current and the new ones to be purchased. When you are comparing an insurance premium more so if it is the case of a term plan, you have to look out GST that would be provided by the various providers.  There is not going to be any change as GST would be applicable to all policies. The need of the hour is to follow a proper selection process where you may choose a policy with all the necessary benefits. it is going to provide you with an idea on how the updated version of GST would be working.