June 19, 2024


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Guide to Booking a Vaccinated Travel Lane Flight

Booking Vaccinated Travel Lane Flight

I know you are thrilled and excited that the borders are now gradually opening their access to visitors who want to travel and have fun because who isn’t? Being confined to the exact location for two years can be taxing. It is perfectly acceptable to reward yourself with a beautiful vacation that you have been deserving of for a very long time.

You may now make your fantasy vacation come true and relieve some of your tension while you are away from home. This could be trekking in the mountains, travelling to a beach, or simply taking a nighttime stroll around a beautiful city. You are guaranteed to have a trip that is uncomplicated and pleasurable if you adhere to all of the necessary processes and protocols.

In this piece, I will guide you with a walkthrough of the specifics you need to remember when booking your flight through the vaccinated travel lane to avoid any complications. Be careful to read through to the conclusion.

Vaccinated Travel Lane Requirements

You can anticipate that the number of countries that fall under the “vaccinated travel lane” (VTL) category will increase as more nations decide to make their borders accessible to fully immunized travellers.

Because of this, you will be required to follow these requirements and prepare your documents in advance to guarantee that everything will be ready for you to board the plane. This is necessary since the entry requirements for each country may be slightly different from one another.


The following is a list of the documentation required to book a flight.

Ready Your Passport and Visa

As with all such trips, you will need a valid passport to travel internationally. Also, please check to see if you need a visa to enter the nation.

Have a Negative Pre-Departure PCR Test Results

You must submit to the mandatory pre-departure PCR test and receive a negative result from the test to fly without having to go through quarantine. Following arrival in the target VTL nations, another PCR test may be required to be performed within 24 hours, on or after seven days following the initial test.

Your Vaccination Status is Important

Proof that you received the recommended doses of a vaccine approved by the WHO can be in the form of an electronic or physical copy of the vaccination certificate.

Producing an electronic or physical copy of the Vaccination Certificate is required to prove that you have all necessary vaccinations with a vaccine that the WHO has approved. You must have either one injection of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or two shots of an approved vaccine to be deemed completely immunized against the disease. It is permissible to combine vaccines that have been approved.

At least 14 days must pass between completing the last dose and departure from Singapore. You need to present a certificate of immunization written in English. Every vaccination certificate needs to be able to pass a digital verification (i.e., contain a QR code for verification).


Children under 12 by the end of the calendar year are exempt from the immunization. On the other hand, they must be accompanied on the VTL aircraft by a guardian who has had their vaccinations.

Proof of Vaccination

This is a list of some countries that have issued Proof of Vaccination and the types of evidence of vaccination accepted in those countries.

  • Singapore: Your vaccination status as seen on the TraceTogether or HealthHub app or a vaccination certificate provided by the Singapore Ministry of Health is accepted as proof. Additionally, a Vaccination certificate displaying one dose of vaccine and a discharge statement issued in Singapore, an EU DCC of recovery from COVID-19, or a National Health Service (“NHS”) COVID Pass of recovery are all valid forms of recovery documentation.
  • Australia: You can request an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate to fulfil the criteria for the TVL and show it as legitimate proof.
  • Brunei: Using the BruHealth app, developed by the government, you may quickly and conveniently obtain your Vaccination Certificate.
  • Cambodia: The Cambodian Government must issue your COVID-19 Vaccination Card.
  • Canada: You may be able to obtain SMART Health Cards (SHC), which were produced by the public sector.
  • Fiji: You can obtain a copy of your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by the Republic of Fiji.
  • India: In the Digital Infrastructure for Vaccination Open Credentialing system, you can request and get an International Travel Certificate.
  • Indonesia: The PeduliLindungi app provides a hassle-free alternative for acquiring vaccination evidence while you are moving.
  • Malaysia: The MySejahtera app is a mobile device application that facilitates downloading your COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.
  • Maldives: The Health Protection Agency will allow you to download your COVID-19 Digital Certification if you contact them.
Booking Vaccinated Travel Lane Flight
  • South Korea: You are free to select the medical facility location that will provide you with documentation of your vaccinations. Either on the COOV app at the QR code for the static vaccination certificate or on the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate that is issued by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA).
  • Sri Lanka: You can request the Sri Lankan Ministry of Health for your COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Thailand: You can obtain the Certificate of Vaccination Against COVID-19 from the Department of Disease Control if you so desire.
  • United Kingdom: You can show proof of vaccination by presenting either a Northern Ireland COVID certificate issued by Health and Social Care or a National Health Service (“NHS”) COVID Pass of immunization (HSC).
  • United States of America: The CommonTrust Network issuers have issued the SMART Health Cards (SHC). And the Vaccination Credential Initiative issuers and digital vaccination records that have been retrieved from the state or local health authority’s public health database are both valid and can be presented as proof.

Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP)

If you are planning to visit Singapore, then you might have to take note of this.

A Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) is only valid for tourists staying for a certain amount of time. There is no need to apply if you are a Singaporean, permanent resident, or holder of a long-term pass.

Applications for the VTP need to be submitted between 7 and 30 calendar days before the planned entry into Singapore is considered. The VTP is valid for a single entrance into Singapore for up to six calendar days beginning on the day one intends to enter the country.

Final Thoughts

Even though it can appear to be a problem, it is not. It is essential to have vaccinated travel lanes since doing so ensures not only the safety of a single person but also the protection of everyone living in the country as a whole. Stay careful on your trip, and make it home in one piece!