April 21, 2024


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Here is All You Need to Know about the UAE Teacher License Exam


With the UAE growing as a very popular student destination globally, it surely is no surprise that people across the world are turning to the Middle East for their educational needs. There is not only a huge demand for schools, colleges, and universities but also a need for the backbone of these educational structures i.e. teachers. Teachers are an essential requirement for this process and cannot teach in the UAE without the teaching license test.

Yes, that’s right- in the UAE even teachers have to pass a test before they can teach! According to the Ministry of Education teacher licensing is mandatory for all teachers present in the UAE. It is to become a nationwide benchmark for all teachers practicing in the UAE by the year 2020. So if you are a teacher, principal, vice principal, or even an educationalist or administrator working in the UAE, this blog post holds a lot of key information to ensure your readiness for working in the UAE by the 2020 government deadline for teacher license test.


What does the test entail?

In order to pass the teaching license test, teachers are required to pass the IELTs at a band level 6 for subject teachers and band level 7 for English language teachers. Subject teachers i.e. STEM subjects including Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry have their own respective subject tests. In order to meet these teaching degree requirements, the Teacher License Preparation website is a good place to start your journey onto obtaining your teacher license.


The Teacher License Preparation (TLP) is a unique and one of it’s kind exam preparation and training service present in the UAE. TLP has one sole objective: to help prepare each and every teacher in the UAE for the teaching license test and meeting the online teaching degree requirements.

Benefits of Teacher License Preparation platform:

1. TLP is the only specialised service that replicates the exact test experience

That’s correct, TLP prepares teachers so efficiently that even when giving the practice tests, it will be in a real simulation of the actual exam test environment.

2. Special teaching plans for every teacher

TLP goes over and beyond the scope of duty by having special tools, support service and guidance to ensure every teacher passes the test.

3. 15 years of experience

With over 15 years of experience in Teacher Professional Development, the TLP platform is a specialised tool and resource that is tried and tested.

4. TLP provides guide and practice tests for preparation

With free resource guides and practice tests, the TLP system ensures excellent readiness for teachers and making sure they clear the certification in the first attempt.

5. IELTS preparation is also offered with TLP

IELTs is a necessity especially for English language teachers and TLP can help prepare teachers in taking this certification.

6.The Teacher License Preparation website offers subject-specific practise exams.

With multiple subject specific practice tests to choose from including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, TLP provides a lot of extra learning materials to teachers to benefit and learn from.

With the year 2020 quickly approaching, if you have not yet given your license test, it is high time you start thinking about it. The government enforcement requires every teacher to have this certification in hand by the deadline therefore it is crucial to meet this requirement to continue practicing teaching in the UAE. Use the Teacher License Portal to your advantage and let the website help you study for the test.