June 4, 2024


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How Coronavirus Affected the Wedding Event Industry?


It is a tough time for the wedding industry and for the wedding couples. Their plan of tying the knot is in trouble for the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic but from May 4 Govt of India has published a norm where said – the maximum number of people allowed in an event is between 50. But it is impossible to maintain the number in an event like Indian big fat wedding.

Who is in the industry?

First of all we need to identify who are the people behind it. These are the people like- flower vendors, decor companies, photographers, light-sound vendors,anchors,artists, security service etc.

Events & Social Distance :

Events like weddings can only be based in social gathering. As a result, more than 70-80% events are canceled or postponed. There are 40-50% events postponed and they are planning to reschedule it after June.

Shaadikatha, an event planner in siliguri  said, – Most of our wedding events are getting postponed f or an uncertain time, or some of the events are cancelled. Our entire supply chain impacted for the countrywide lockdown.


It is obvious that people related to the event industry are at high risk of spreading viruses as they have to spend most of the time outdoors. Because it’s impossible to maintain the social distance advised by the health department. Outside the health, Covid-19 affects the industry extremely in different ways. It decreases the revenue of the people related to the industry.


How is Shaadikatha Films & Event dealing with the situation?

We all are fighting against the COVID-19. We all have to deal with the situation maintaining safety of the team in our industry. They are following the method.

  1. We have postponed all events after March 2020 to think about the health of our team.
  2. Presently, we are telling our clients to adjust the total booking amount with a change in the date.
  3. We closed our office to meet with our clients and work with our team.
  4. Our team is working from home.
  5. We are connected with our client through call, mail & video calling too. 
  6. We suggest our clients to book for any service through e-payments only.
  7. We are with our team in the nationwide situation with no-cutting in their salary.
  8. We also help the needy people by contributing an amount into the relief fund.

The work in the wedding industry is attached with new people – client family members, vendors who work in different cities. There is a high risk in travel and visiting crowded places like hotels, banquets.

We advised you to follow the guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 :

  • Wash your hands frequently after coughing or sneezing, before or after touching objects.
  • Use alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Don’t travel if you feel unwell.
  • Don’t go in crowded places.
  • Use gloves and & Mask if you need to go outside.
  • Avoid work in the office.

Coronavirus impact on Event :

As most of the weddings in April, May already postponed. It affects both the couple and wedding planners, vendors, by mentally and financially also. Because we generally plan and book everything minimum six to eight months ago. Couples who were planning to get hitched in the last of 2020, they usually complete their pre-wedding photoshoot before two months. But this year there is no chance to shoot their pre-wedding before the actual wedding comes.

Jobless Freelancers in the Industry :

We all know that weddings is a leading business in India. It is the 2nd largest market after the U.S.A. In the industry, a large number of freelancers work with wedding planners; vendors like catering service, designers, photographers. Their dates are cancelled up to the pandemic situation under control. Though some small events are happening under the new govt norms.

The functions are mostly short staffed. So a large number of the freelancers are jobless which affected their livelihood.

Post Lock-Down Situation : 

Though the government started allowing wedding events from May 4 with a list of restrictions. In Lockdown 5.0 from June 8, Indian Government decided to re-open hotels, restaurants and hospitality services. So, there is a little hope for the event planners. Small social events, meetings can be arranged by the client. We  will advise not to work in the event for the month because of the new coronavirus cases increasing rapidly. But if you want to work in the events all have to do is maintain the social distance & take all safety measures.

Department of Health & family Welfare Services, government of Karnataka provided a guidelines for performing wedding/events :

  1. You have to take permission from local authorities for the event.
  2. The events shall allow a maximum number of guests of note more than 50.
  3. The event can be organized only in a natural ventilation public place (No A.C.)
  4. Guests from the containment zone can’t attend the event.
  5. Guests aged more than 65 years, child below the age of 10 years & pregnant women are not allowed to attend the event.
  6. Sanitizers need to place in the entry point of the event.
  7. Organizers have to conduct thermal screening for the guest at the entry of the venue.
  8. People who are suffering from fever,cold,cough and difficulty in breathing advised not to attend any events.
  9. People who want to attend the event’s mask are compulsory.
  10.  All guests have to maintain a physical distance more than 3 feet.
  11. Hand wash , sanitizers  at the wash room need to be provided.
  12. You can’t consume liquor, paan, gutka, or tobacco in the premises.
  13.  Event venue shall be maintained clean & hygienic.
  14.  You can’t spit in the venue area.
  15.  A Nodal officer will attend the venue to see the arrangement and adjustment at the event.
  16.  Organisers need to make a list of the guests attend the venue.
  17. Guests should have to download the Arogya Setu app in their phones.

But, you can’t organize any event in the containment zone till the end of June. We all hope the situation will end soon & we will work together.

Conclusion :

The world is struggling with a health & financial crisis where event business isn’t getting rid of the crisis. Hope this article helped you to get the information about the situation in the events industry right now. My question today is for you – “are you planning any event in Lockdown?”