September 27, 2023


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How food storage boxes keep your food safe from the dust


Isn’t it better to get food storage boxesthat keep them away from potential damage than keeping, shifting, and transferring it into millions of other containers?

Well, the world has advanced and we are blessed with the most advanced and unique customization techniques that offer product packaging that has never been seen before. 

Every business from clothing to cosmetics, to pharmaceutical, food, and every other needs packaging that is up to the packaging standard, especially when it comes to food packaging. 

The food industry is growing exponentially. It is hard to keep up with the pace as every corner have more than required food places and stalls. It is because of the changing trends in consumers’ behavior. People are more into eating outside than before because of a versatile range of options that are available in the market.

… And obviously, everyone like to hang out with their friends, family, and loved ones now and then. 

Well, where the trends in consumer behavior have taken a turn, the product market has drastically changed and so does the environment we live in. All of these things are closely interlinked with each other in creating effective packaging as it is the most important thing that plays an important role in the success of any business, especially food. Along with business needs, customers are also aware of what they are getting and what is best for them, which makes it challenging for brands to go for packaging that offers ultimate protection to food items.


You must be familiar with customised meal boxes.

Custom packaging is an ultimate solution for every type of product from fast food to bakery and others. It helps businesses to create effective packaging that prevents damage to the product.

Paper fast food packagingis the most effective in protecting the product from potential damage, such as water, moisture, breakage, and contamination like bacteria and dust. 

Types of food boxes

Three basic types of food boxes offer a different level of protection to the product depending on the quality and price. 

1. Paperboard boxes

It is a regular cardboard box that offers reasonable protection to the product. It is cheaper than another paper packaging, highly customizable, sustainable, and affordable. Takeaway food packaging is mostly made of paperboard.

2. Kraft paper boxes

Kraft is the safest for food packaging when it comes to health concerns. Kraft paper is stronger than paperboard and toxin-free as it does not pass from the process of bleaching, which makes a paper weak and also adds chemicals to it.


3. Corrugated cardboard boxes

Now comes the most durable and high-end food packaging. It is a bit expensive than other paper packaging but more secure and protective against damage. 

These custom food boxes packaging offer protection to the product in various ways, such as;

Containment that’s worth it

Structure of boxes plays an important role in determining how well they can contain the food and for how long without any damage.

Die-cut boxes are the most effective in offering protection against contamination because of their unique structure. Die-cut boxes are made up of a single piece of paper that is cut into the desired template and then folded into a box. This structure makes them secure and air-tight, which prevents dust and other contaminants getting in and spoiling the box.

Weather resistance 

Besides the structure, the material of the boxes plays an important role in offering protection against weather conditions such as water, moisture, heat, and cold. These factors are important to keep the freshness and taste of the food intact for a longer period. 

Custom laminated food storage boxes are stronger and durable than regular boxes. Laminations are plastic coating in glossy and matte that not only enhances the outlook of the product but also makes them leak-proof.

Healthy material 

Packaging materials are known for their harmful side effects such as cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and other health-related issues. The material that was used to make food packaging was mostly plastic which releases harmful chemicals when it comes in contact with the food for a longer period. 

Cardboard boxes are made up of recycled paper or natural wood pulp. These materials are highly suitable for food packaging because of the least chemicals that are used in manufacturing. 

Sizes that matter 

Sizes play an important role in determining the protection of the product from any kind of damage. Over-sized boxes fail to keep the product in place, which increases the chances of damage to the product. Perfectly fitting boxes are more reliable and trustworthy when it comes to protecting the product as they hold the product in place and prevent anything from coming inside.

Custom food boxesare made up of the most versatile and highly sustainable and affordable for business of every type, whether smaller or larger. Cardboard food packaging is cheaper than other alternatives because wholesale dealers always deal in bulk, which reduces the price per unit. Customized boxes not only increase the strength of the packaging but it also helps in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the product.