September 28, 2023


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How is your SME growth related to having the right VoIP Phone?


You must have heard this multiple times; a reliable communication system is pertinent for the growth of your SME. It’s true. If you want to build a great relationship with your customers, one effective way of earning their trust is through interrupted, frequent, and clear communication.

When I first launched my office cleaning service business, my focus was also to get the high-speed Internet to take orders on my website. So, I upgraded my plan to one of the best Optimum Internet plans. I totally skipped the fact that I needed a VoIP phone system as well. Email and Skype communications are great but VoIP service provides features that make communication even robust. To be honest, my business suffered and so did my brand reputation.

Before digging into the details of how the right phone helps your business grow, let’s see which phone is the best.

What’s the Best Phone System?

This usually depends on your business needs. These are some factors that will help you decide:

  • Advanced features: Do you need a phone with advanced features like cloud integration and hosting or you can do with a traditional PBX?
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  • Customer service: Would you like your customers to reach out to you via calls or you would prefer additional functions such as live chat or email support?
  • Budget: Last but not least, how much can you invest in a phone system?


How Can Choosing the Right Phone Aid in the Growth of Your SME?

Coming back to the real deal – how does the right phone help your business? There are countless ways. Such as:

1: Enhance the brand image

Advanced phones make communications automatic. Customers just have to press keys to connect to different departments when they make a call. This functionality gives the impression that you are a professional organization.

You take each call like it is the only call being taken right now. Customers hear a warm personalized greeting and receive the call management support they are looking for. This boosts the image of your company. Additionally, you can boost consumer confidence in your business.

2: React to new opportunities


When you are using a cloud-based system, your business automatically becomes scalable and adaptable. You can tackle new opportunities as they come without letting productivity suffer. On the other hand, if you stick to inflexible technologies, they hold you back.

3: Save money

The biggest concern of all businesses is to save as much money as possible. SMEs have smaller budgets as compared to other enterprises. If you are unable to communicate with your customers and run successful marketing campaigns, your sales will suffer.

Choosing a cloud-based phone system can save you a lot of money. The installation is quick, maintenance is low and you don’t have to worry about bearing set up costs. Additionally, when your communication becomes smooth, your ROI increases.

4: Higher productivity

VoIP phone systems let you ensure that you don’t miss a single customer call. The phone system you choose would make or break your ability to connect with a customer. Cloud-based systems let you reach out to customers and clients even when you are on the go. This ensures that you are easy to reach out to.

5: Flexible scalability  

Usually, SMEs don’t have extra funds and resources for scaling their operations. But with cloud telephone, they can ensure their business meets the changing market needs. When your business grows and you hire more employees, you don’t have to expand your infrastructure.

They could be sitting at a remote location. All you will have to do is route the incoming customer call to their extension. Plus, you don’t have to invest in getting more phone equipment. Most of the VoIP phone systems can be accessed from smartphones using apps.

This has given SMEs the flexibility to scale their business up or down without incurring additional expenses or compromising on communication.

6: App integrations

The advanced phone systems let you easily integrate CRMs with applications such as Google spreadsheets, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. so that you can reach out to your customers effectively. These platforms are very easy to use.

Your employees won’t need additional training to use them. They will be able to help your customers with pre and post-purchase. It will increase the probability of having a repeat purchase from your existing customers. Hence, a positive image of your business will be set in the market.

Summing Up

If you are running an SME, don’t put all your efforts on one thing – like me, who was busy calling Optimum customer service number to inquire about their bundles. Pay attention to getting the right VoIP phone for taking customer and client calls smoothly. The growth of your business depends on it!