June 6, 2024


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How Much Does It Cause To Make A Food Delivery App?


Today, the trend of shopping the required things at your doorstep is prevailing in all parts of the world. There are lots of online apps that will help for placing the order for the products that you need. From the point of the customers, it offers great convenience with numerous benefits. For business people, it ultimately helps in elevating the rate of sales.

However, most of the people are with a single doubt regarding the question of how much will cause creating such higher-end apps. Consider some examples of online food delivery apps like UberEats or DoorDash. Calculating the amount spent on such apps will give you a clear idea about the total cost required for designing similar apps.


It is the American online food ordering delivery system with its launch in 2014. With the name of UberFRESH, it was launched in San Francisco, California, which was later named as UberEats in 2015. Today, it has grown significantly to deliver food in more than 20+ countries and 200+ cities. This stat is expected to gory more in the upcoming surveys.



With its launch in 2013, it was appreciated by more number of people. With a base in San Francisco, the food delivery service is being run by Stanley Tang, Andy Fang, and Tony Xu. This is also expanded in different cities and countries.

What makes such apps significant?

The entire population of the world is 7.7 billion and out of it, more than 5 billion people are using Smartphones. With the fact, the online food delivery business targets 65% of the world population through the mobile app only.

With this trend, there is the growth of 25% of the business in this industry and this is because of the trust in the online market. Another survey says that the payment made through online food ordering apps will reach more than $300+ billion.

Cost of the app development

When you are looking for on-demand food delivery apps, it is not a single app. It consists of four different apps that are used by the admin, customers, delivery person, and business owners. Also, the features in the apps will differ highly based on the needs of the different groups of people. To make it in a particular range, the cost of making the app will be around the US $12,000 to the US $15,000. Further, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate service to offer the top-notch app that fulfills all your business needs. This might be the range of price that you need to spend when you are willing to develop similar apps for your restaurant business.


The time required for developing such applications

The time required for developing such applications will be around 2 to 3 months. However, make sure that that company is strong enough with the aspects of the apps and design the best app for making it beneficial.

How to choose the best app development?

The mobile app is highly significant for your business to get reached to get a good reach and achieve its aim. However, this cannot be possible when you choose the service provider randomly. There are certain aspects that are required for the service provider to fulfill like:

  • No charge for a consultation: If the company is looking for certain charges even for making some discussion with you, it is better to move for the other options. It is a significant step for the company to have a discussion with you can design the app accordingly.
  • Budget: There are some companies that take advantage and make a huge sum of profit through it. Moreover, you might have seen the cost mentioned and make use of it when you are filtering the company.
  • Free demonstration: To get rid of certain insecurity forms your mind, it is necessary for the company to offer a free demo that determines all the aspects of the company. Make sure you are comfortable with all the factors and also check all the parameters for the apps.
  • Quality of the app and service: No matter what the service, there cannot be any compromise in the quality. This is highly important when you are investing in the apps for your business profit. Make about the quality of service and the after-sales service before you invest in the app.

Final thoughts

In this digital era, investing in the mobile or making some significant business move through the app will be the best part and wise move. However, the competition is not limited anywhere and you need to work with unique strategies for reaching success. Make sure you make ample research and bring out the best business tactics to have a healthy competition with your competitors.


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