February 29, 2024


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How Social Media helps to sell paintings online


Anti-social behavior is a trait of intelligence in a world full of conformists.

———-Nikola Tesla

According to a popular belief among people who practice religions, this era is Kalyug. That means an era where people would earn money and respect through their art. This is an era where people will earn their living with rigorous hard work. Artists are known for their art but they are not very comfortable if they leave the comfort of their studios.

But, being social is an occupational hazard of the art world. There is huge competition in every field which makes it imperative for everyone to make sure that their ideas reach the masses. An idea lives life when it is propagated, not when it dies within the mind of an artist.

The more social you are, the more your ideas are propagated. There are so many online platforms from where you can operate from the comfort of your place. This increases the possibility that your art is understood and recognized among art collectors and potential buyers. It also escalates your chances of getting a breakthrough opportunity that could change your present and future.


Here is a list of many ideas that you may follow as an artist to sell paintings online:-

  1. Attend activities that galleries host

This is the best way to connect is by volunteering at events organized by galleries. You shall make efforts to synchronize yourself with the local artists. This doesn’t mean that you will stop visiting such events if your career has taken off. This practice is to be followed life-long. Take a friend along if you have any kind of social anxiety.     

To understand in what line of thought other artists are making their art, you need to show interest in what they are making and why. Also, try to talk about your line of thought and your vision about the present artwork. Always try to go out and meet new people. This socializing will come out to be an important change in your life.

  • Look out for Art Fairs

Every now and then we hear about an art fair being organized by some institution or a gallery for making art available to people. They act as a conduit for selling paintings. Your art is exposed to different kinds of people from various classes of society. Art fairs are apt places to take feedback on art. Different people give different views of your work.


They are also important as you get an opportunity to directly interact with the buyers and extend your idea behind your paintings. You may pick from various kinds of art fairs depending upon your taste and aestheticism.

  • Art workshops are a must go

Attending art workshops would make your art sale escalate. This is a good way to make connections. You may attend workshops and understand different types of styles other artists follow. It is not important only for beginners to attend these and professionals may also do so to broaden their perspective.

You may also build your own workshops. Making things understand to other people will sharpen your skills and different types of challenges posed by students will create a trill in your life.

  • Sell paintings online

You can become social and get recognized from the comfort of your studio. Make sure that this marketing strategy would only work if you put a high-quality image of your work when you post it for online public viewing. The image shall capture the intricacies involved in the patterns and motifs of the art. You can also make your website and post blogs about how you made a particular painting and what was your thought process behind that.

Make sure that you interact with people on all online platforms. Try to resolve their queries as soon as possible through the comments section on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

But, make sure that you don’t just reserve yourself to online platforms only. It can never take place of a real-time meeting and socializing.

5. Create or join a group for artists.

It is a perfect exercise for an artist to form a group with likeminded people. Perform all the tasks the group or association have to offer. You may also get an opportunity to learn new techniques and discuss new ideas which would eventually develop your intellect as an artist.

More involvement means more socializing. Just keep your ideas to yourself and remain immersed in those. The world is waiting to hear them.

Many artists would not feel comfortable leaving the assurance of their studios. But, increasing your network and socializing would definitely bring positive results. Reaching out to people have never hurt anyone. At least give it a try and best of luck with the new journey you are about to make!