February 25, 2024


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How to get Google Adsense Approval in a simple way


How to get Google Adsense Approval, types of questions come to me a lot.

By the way, you must have read so many articles related to this google Adsense, but I would like to share my own experience with you here. 

I would like to help those people who want to start or have started Blogging, but they are getting rejection in Google Adsense Approval.

 In India Google Adsense is considered the best online earning method for a blogger. There are many blogger beginners in blogging who have applied for Adsense many times but due to lack of information or experience, their request gets rejected.

Google wants more people to join their Adsense Account so that they have also benefit. There are some terms and conditions of Google to join Adsense Account and he wants everyone to follow their terms and conditions and apply properly.

Today we know about how to check our website or blog before applying to Adsense Account. If there is any error, then it can be removed so that Adsense Approval can go easily and quickly.

Website Design

Google always thinks from the user side that that user means to facilitate the audience more and better. That’s why Google also wants that the website or blog you create can understand your audience better. If your website is not responsive website

or not user-friendly, the speed is not good, the color of the text is not showing properly, then you may face difficulty in getting Adsense Approval.

Before getting Adsense Approve, you should look at some famous websites on which Adsense Approve has been done and compare it with your website to fix what is the problem. If you are on WordPress or Bloggers, then use the popular or light theme, such a theme is designed according to Adsense. If you are unable to design the website, then you buy a website online, there are so many options are available or can take the help of any website developer.

Write unique content

You should know that you run the entire internet on Google, so it is known what content is there. If any copied content or image is found, it is immediately captured by google. There are some people who leave the first paragraph and last paragraph of any blog or website and copy the content and publish it on their blog, but Google also catches it and you don’t even know.


You can get their ideas from other blogs but do not copy-paste from the other. If your content is unique or Plagiarism-free, then you will immediately get Adsense Approval miles.

The article should not be less

There are some bloggers who apply for Adsense after writing 3-4 blog posts on their blog. Google will reject the request which is completely wrong. With a short article (less than 400 words), your website will also seem very empty, in such a way that the design of your blog is also affected.

Writing an article is a  little hard work but for a blogger, it should not be a hobby. Only then you can write and post new articles daily on your blog.  Unless you have more than 15-20 articles on your blog, you will not apply for Adsense. As soon as a lot of content starts appearing on your blog, then immediately request for Adsense.


Direct traffic on the website can also come through any software or boat, such traffic is google considered as fake traffic. The traffic coming from Google search on the website is organic and right, Google also believes this. Google checks the daily organic traffic and source of your website before Adsense Approval.

Note: If there is not much organic traffic on your website, do not apply for Adsense.

It is very important to SEO the website or blog through Google and for high traffic because, with the help of this, good traffic can be brought.

Important pages

There are some pages for all blogs and websites that are required to have. Without this, you cannot take Approval of Adsense. Let us know which are the important pages that compulsory be on your blog.

Contact us Page: – Contact us page is required because google wants transparency between admin and user.

Privacy Policy:- On this page, you tell your user about all the things that you have used on your website. 

Disclaimer:- In this, while using the website, what are the responsibilities and risks of you and the user.

Stay away from Illegal Content

Never write such content on your blog and website which comes in the Illegal category. If you have written such content, then remove it out of your website, otherwise, you will not get Adsense Approval.  If you write such copyright content even after Approval, then your Adsense Account can also be closed.

If you complete all these steps properly then you will go to the Approval mile of Adsense Account. Keep in mind one thing that it takes at least 7-15 days for the approval of Adsense to arrive. Sometimes it takes even 30 days to get approval, so for this, you do not have much trouble, emails are sent by them.

As long as your Adsense Approval Process runs when you continued to write more articles and post it to your website or blog. And also continue SEO work.  The better website traffic, you can be earning well.

Friends, now I hope that you have answered all the questions on Adsense. Apart from this, if you have any questions, then you can ask in the comments below that we will definitely answer that. By sharing this article, you can also help other people.