February 25, 2024


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How To Prevent Yourself From Heat Rashes?


Skin is the protective barrier covering our body that protects it from various agents that can cause damage to a person. These agents can either be infection-causing germs, ultraviolet rays or chemicals, etc.

Skin also helps in regulating body temperature through the mechanism of sweating and perspiration. But this process is hampered when the sweat pores on our skin get clogged and don’t allow sweat to evaporate.

This results in inflammation on the skin known as “Heat Rash”. It is very common during summers to suffer from heat rash.

The problem worsens when this inflammation becomes infected and calls for medical treatment.

Following are the various methods to beat the heat and prevent heat rash.

Wear light and breathable clothes

It’s extremely important for your body to breathe, especially in the summers when it tends to heat up more! So, opt to wear loose fitting , light-weight clothes. In particular, linen or cotton fabric allows the sweat to evaporate and give a cooling impact on your body.


These particular kinds of clothes facilitate better air circulation which absorbs and evaporates moisture effectively. So, keeping the health of your skin in mind wear cool and summer-friendly clothes like shorts, t-shirts, trousers, etc.

Also keep in mind to cover your skin properly before going out in sun as it may result in sun burn.

Wear light colours rather than darker ones as light colours help to reflect the heat back rather than absorbing it.

Minimize heat related risk through proper hydration

Staying hydrated isn’t about consumption of fluids only but it rather covers various other aspects or precautions to beat that summer heat. Due to excessive sweating our body needs a lot of water to regulate the body temperature.

Therefore drink as much water as you can, have refreshing juices, eat juicy fruits, and stay inside as long as possible especially during the peak hours of the day.  

Rest in shade regularly if you are outside and have water as much as you can. Avoid beverages such as tea or coffee. You should install air conditioning Sydney

and prevent yourself from heat rashes.

Plan your meals

Since the weather gets already warm, therefore it is advisable to eat smaller and cold meals. Avoid hot fried food and instead, consume salads or some lip-smacking light food. Have lots and lots of fruits and veggies.

Consume yoghurt everyday and have a  liquid diet included in your every meal almost. Have refreshing drinks loaded with mint or lime or coconut juice to give a coolant effect to your body.

Make milkshake using fruits such as mango or banana as each and every ingredient has its own contribution to our health and body during the summer season.

Stay in an easy-breezy environment

It is important that you stay in a cool environment during this hot weather. So make sure that you always have air-circulating around you. Draw the blinds at home or at workplace if exposed to heat.

Use fans or coolers or air-conditioning equipment. The ducted air conditioning Sydney is the best option to keep your place cool.

Take cool showers and wet your hands and feet frequently to keep your clogged skin clean. Keeping your skin cool in summers is an important preventive measure.

Limit outdoor activity

Avoid going out in the heat as much as possible. Even if you have to, owing to some unavoidable reasons, then make sure to use a sunscreen, wear a hat or use an umbrella and keep yourself covered.  Keep the coolest part of the day reserved for your work.

Wear full clothes to cover the exposed skin. Exercise indoors and play indoors as well if the temperature is high. The peak hours of the day, that is between 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. should be avoided greatly to step outside.

Special care should be taken in respect of babies as they have immature sweat glands that won’t be effective in summers to remove sweat. So make sure that they are not overdressed or exposed to heat.

Follow directions of your dermatologist

If you are seeking some medical help , then ensure that you apply or take the medications in a prescribed manner and then apply other lotions as you desire. Use cooling powders . If the itchiness of your skin becomes worse, then ensure to seek medical help.

Other measures

Other measures that can be practiced to best face heat rash is to keep ice packs and cooling blankets handy. You can either take an oatmeal bath as it helps to soothe skin rash. Avoid stress as it is believed that stress tends to worsen a heat rash.