June 4, 2024


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How to Protect your Business with Employee Monitoring Software


Employee monitoring is important for every business organization because it directly influences output, income and profit of a company. Many organizations put their workers under human supervision to restrict them from getting involved in unnecessary acts. The modern companies have started using software for employee monitoring. They install software on company-owned mobile phones and computers to keep record of activities performed on these devices. In this article, we have discussed how employee surveillance software helps to protect and flourish business.

Role of Employee Tracking Software

The productivity of employees really matters for the progress of a business. If your workers are not giving their best, you can achieve your goals. The employee tracking software is designed to monitor and boost the productivity of workforces by preventing them from unnecessary acts. There are a few high-tech software like TheOneSpy employee monitoring solution that enable employers to remotely and secretly supervise almost every action performed by workers inside and outside the workstation during working hours. It allows tracking company-owned mobile phones and computers and keeps employers updated about activities performed on these devices. The tracking solution also helps in combating workplace harassments, gossips and unauthorized data transfer.


Core Features of Employee Monitoring Solution

We have discussed here prime features of cell phone and computer monitoring software. Read on to know how this high-tech software enables employers to keep their workers under supervision.

In charge of internal and external communication

It is highly important that you supervise internal and external communication of employees. You must know what they are conversing with co-workers, current clients, potential customers, third parties and even competitors. The employee monitoring software of TOS keeps you updated about chitchats made by your workers using company-owned digital devices.

The software accesses incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS, emails, instant messages and social media chats saved on targeted cell phone. It creates online backup of online and offline chats and allow retrieving all messages right from the web portal of TOS. It also provides contact numbers of communicators. 

Automatic Recording of Inbound & Outbound Calls

If you are managing a contact center, you can evaluate performance of your workers by getting their phone calls recorded. The employee tracker app automatically records incoming and outgoing phone calls and enables employers to listen to these calls via web portal. Also, it accesses contact numbers of callers and recipients.    


Combat Phishing Emails

The emails received and sent by employees may contain inappropriate or confidential information that should be handled with caution. The employers can supervise all emails of their workers to restrict them from disseminating sensitive information to unauthorized persons. Also, it helps them to combat phishing emails designed and sent by hackers. The tracking software gets access to Gmail emails and uploads to the web portal.

Keep an Eye on Traveling Workers

The spyware solution also allows supervising activities performed by traveling workers. The employer can keep an eye on marketing and sales team by tracking their footsteps. The software provides current GPS location of company-owned digital devices. Also, it shows location history and provides detail of all tours made.

Watch Out Social Media Activities

The performance of social media managing team can be evaluated by tracking their social media accounts. The spy software also prevents employees from spreading inappropriate information on social networking platforms. The high-tech employee surveillance software tracks most commonly used social media and communication apps including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, Hangout, Kik, Line, Viber, Vine, Zalo and Yahoo messenger.  

Monitor and Manage Internet Use

The productivity of employees can be enhanced by supervising and managing their internet usage. The spy software provides access to the internet browsing history of company-owned computers and mobile phones. The browsing details of employees help to find out which websites are being visited frequently. It helps to restrict access to all unwanted websites.

Record Surrounding Scenes and Sounds

The employee monitoring app acts as surveillance camera and enables employers to closely watch out workplace activities of workers. It allows operating camera and microphone of the targeted computer and mobile phone. The employers can watch out surrounding scenes and can get the actions performed in the vicinity of the targeted device recorded.

Capture Real-Time Digital Activities

If you are suspicious about activities of certain employees, you can capture screen of their digital devices to find out what they are doing. The software offers live screen recording and screenshots to capture real-time computer and cell phone activities of the target. It also helps you identify productive and unproductive workers of the company.


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