October 3, 2023


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How to Ship Fragile Cosmetic Products Safely?


Shipping cosmetic products to customers without any damage is something every beauty brand strives to accomplish, whether the cosmetic boxes are shipped locally or globally. However, when cosmetic products aren’t properly packaged, they are more likely to get damaged. Unfortunately, when this happens, it lowers customer satisfaction and proceeds. Above all, it increases damage and returns costs.  

But rather understanding the fact, cargo companies are often held responsible for the damage or breakage. As a result, many beauty brands fail to overcome this issue. In contrast, forward-thinking businesses recognize that proper packaging not only saves products but also saves the business reputation. Choosing the right packaging for beauty products, therefore, is considered critical to achieving success. In turn, right packaging solution improves your bottom line.

Already feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. This guide will help you protect your fragile beauty products as they run through the rigorous process of shipping. 

What are Some Best Packaging Materials for Shipment?         

There are infinite packaging options out there for beauty brands to choose from. However, the choice you make is ultimately determined by the weight, size, and type of product you are looking to dispatch. Below are some popular choices:

  • Kraft Boxes: These boxes are carved out of flexible chip cardboard. The lightweight cosmetic box packaging (https://www.thelegacyprinting.com/cosmetic-boxes/) material commonly comes in brown or white color. These features make it an ideal choice to pack cosmetics, gifts, pharmaceuticals, and other retail items.
  • Corrugated Boxes: This packaging box is slightly sturdier than Kraft paper box that makes it a perfect encasing to pack moderate weights. And since it is made out of corrugated material, the package provides some cushioning as well. These boxes can be manufactured in various sizes, so you can choose the one that’s suitable for shipments with longer destinations.     
  • Rigid Boxes: These boxes are four times thicker than typical folding cartons as they are made of cardboard chips. Due to this reason, you cannot directly print on these boxes. Instead, they can be wrapped around by a paper that can be as luxurious or as plain as you deem.  

How to Choose Best Cosmetic Boxes for Shipment?

To ensure your cosmetic products are safely packaged, it’s essential to pick the best packaging solution for them. Here are some useful shipping tips that will help you choose the right packaging for your beauty products.

  • Product Type: Determining product type goes a long way. It helps you choose the best packaging for shipment. For instance, fragile products need additional layers of protection. It keeps them safe during long-distance transportation, handling, and shipping because adequate padding restricts friction and movement.  
  • Product Weight: Your products will be at risk if you have opted to package heavy products in lightweight boxes. If you want to protect your heavy protects from damage during transit, it’s best to use a more sturdy packaging solution like corrugated or rigid boxes that can withstand the bumps and bruises during transportation and handling.
  • Size of Box: Once you have determined the type and weight of your cosmetic product, it’ll become easier to select or propose the size of the box to your packaging partner. Else, you’ll end up forcefully stuffing your products into undersized boxes that might damage the products. Things won’t be too different if you use an oversized box. Not only the contents of the box will bounce around and bear severe damages in an oversized box, but it will also increase your shipping cost.      

Aside from choosing the right boxes for your product range, you should also consider your budget, mode of transportation and destination to achieve success.

How to Package your Products for Shipping?

This guide will be incomplete without mentioning how to package your products properly for shipping. Here are some amazing tips to help you stay on track:

  • You might be able to save a few bucks by opting for used boxes, but this can greatly increase the risk of getting your products damaged. Always prefer new boxes over old ones when it comes to packing and shipping your goods.
  • If you are shipping items that easily gets damaged, it would be wise to use padding supplies to keep them safe. These padding supplies could be old newspapers, inserts, foams, bubble wraps, etc.
  • Once the items are packaged, they are all set to be shipped. But there is no harm in giving it a little shake to determine if there is any rattling. If it doesn’t sound right, use more padding to secure the products. After the extra padding is in place, seal the box and ship it.

In case, you are using flat rate mailers, avoid overstuffing them as they might burst open during transit.

Bottom Line         

By strictly adhering to these packaging and shipping tips, you can certainly reduce your losses and improve customer satisfaction. So, always use high-quality boxes because they keep products safe, whether you are shipping internationally or domestically.

An ideal way to score quality packaging is by joining hands with a top packaging firm like The Legacy Printing. A company that has made its mark by producing premium cosmetic packaging at most affordable prices.