May 24, 2024


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How to Wrap a Box With Ribbon


Wrapping gifts is an old tradition, and you can make it more creative with the use of readymade Wrap boxes and ribbons to enhance the presentation of the present. Gift wrapping is used for centuries to enhance the visual appearance of the gift, and there is no doubt that gift wrapping is as necessary as the gift itself. Wrapping gifts is like norms, and nobody can think of presenting someone without it. Different types of wrapping papers and ribbons are used to wrap gifts, but as modern packaging industry is always in a competition to make ease for you. Wrap my box is available in a wide variety nowadays. You can use them for wrapping any gift as they are available in various shapes and sizes. Custom Wrap Boxes cut the need for the use of wrap papers and provide you with highly customizable options.

History of wrapping

The art of gift wrapping is from centuries; its history can be traced back to China during the Song dynasty, where government officials were awarded cash, wrapped in paper. Initially, the article was made of bamboo and rice. As history goes, the culture of wrapping gifts in the paper was adopted by other regions as well. Japanese used a reusable gift cloth while Koreans used to wrap gifts in Silk cloth.


In the West, the tradition of wrapping gifts in papers was slow to catch on. It was after the advent of gift cards in 1843, which resulted in the development of decorated wrapping paper to accompany the cards. The wrapping paper in the Victorian era was intricately printed and used lace, ribbons, and boxes to furnish a complete package. The culture of wrapping was not main-stream until technological advancement in 1890, which allowed the printing of decorative paper on a large scale and provided it in the market for a fraction of the previous cost.

The Hallmark brothers are credited with introducing French newspaper, which was later used for lining envelopes, and creating modern ornate wrapping paper.

There are many techniques for wrapping gifts; some people tape the gift paper on the box, while others try to make a loose bag out of wrapping paper. It is always fun to be creative and try out new ways of presenting someone with a well-decorated present. It is better to use ribbons of different colours to make gifts standing out from others.

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and consumer conciseness towards the visual appeal, many gift wrap boxes are in circulations which are way more attractive than using corrugated cardboard boxes for gift wrapping.


Choose the box.

You can choose from simple cardboard box or readymade wrap packaging available in the market that fits your gift correctly, there are many sizes available which are of excellent quality and can stand out then using an ordinary box for wrapping, as presentation is the key in gift wrapping, you should prefer them on the usual ones.

The ideal colour scheme.

One of the essential steps in wrapping your gift is choosing the right colour palette as the colour of the box and ribbon should have a light contrast for better visual appearance. Be creative while selecting the colours of wrapping paper along with the fabric, if you are only using material than the colour of the box also matters. 

Understand the psychology; try to differentiate the occasions, as gift wrap for Marriage is different than gift wrap for birthday. Use the light colour palette on marriage and sharp colours for events relating to victories, like white and gold, would be more suited for marriage present and red would be better for birthdays.

Don’t always be same

The market is full of ready-made ribbon bows, try not to use them, move a step ahead of others and try to tie ribbon by yourself. Also, don’t stick with the single ribbon tie but try to make more intricate styles. Visit wholesale gift wrap suppliersas they have a better variety of these boxes than your local gift shop.

Steps to tie the ribbon

  • Tie the ribbon horizontally around the top lid of the box.
  • Pull the ribbon from the bottom side of the box and the back towards the front.
  • Cross the ribbon on the front lid of the box. 
  • Measure the ribbon and cut the excess according to the desired length.
  • Wrap ribbon from bottom of the twisted part.
  • Tie the ribbon in a form that it resembles a bow.
  • Adjust the bow and trim the excess part of the ribbon.

Try Creative DIY

Give the packing an artistic touch with the help of ribbons. Use wide fabrics on sides to accompany smaller decorations in the middle. You can also use small chains and apply them with ribbons on the package.

Try to make nets with the help of ribbons and secure them on your gift box with hot glue. Try experimenting with beads and stones along with decorations.

You can also make flowers out of ribbons by merely folding the fabric in a way that it forms petals on a side, stick a needle in the middle of the ribbon and fold if backward and forth. Easily like the flower, you can also make leaves with green fabric and so on. 

Think out of the box.

Don’t be afraid of thinking out of the box, as gift packagingis not a formal thing, but fun activity. Try experimenting with new ideas and don’t be shy to give it a personal touch. You can try different knots of ribbons. Don’t rely on single knotted boxes but try to use multi knots, as it may trigger another person’s curiosity while unboxing.